Zombie Street

This is a new Zombie Story for the competition about Zombie Awareness Week! Enjoy!


1. My Fault

Dear Diary,

I don't even know what day it is anymore. Everyday is the same: Get up, Get dressed, Grab everything, Move on. And I think it was all my fault.

I had one simple job, and that was to keep a secret. But I guess if you were in my position, you'd want to do the same, wouldn't you? It started small at first, a couple of experiments in the big building, but then everything got worse. There were so many people, so much havoc... the building caught fire. It exploded. People died, lost limbs, screamed until they killed themselves... it was horrible. It's one of the worse things I've ever seen in my life. I don't think memories like those can ever be taken back. Once you've seen too much, you don't care anymore. You can handle everything.

That's what I'm trying to do. Handle everything. But I don't know if I can. It was all my fault. It had to be all my fault.

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