Zombie Street

This is a new Zombie Story for the competition about Zombie Awareness Week! Enjoy!


3. Mourn Morning

Dear Diary,

We've moved again. This time were camping out on top of an old town house. Were closer to London now, though. I can see Big Ben in the distance. The only route left is the motor way. The countryside around it should make it easier to spot Infected folk, so at least we'll be safer through day. 

Eddy died this morning. We got down to the ground to run to the town house (it was a mile north) but there were a whole heard of Infected. Lucy passed me one of her shot guns and I fired away, but there were so many. Eddy was torn to pieces. He hadn't died straight away though, so Small Jim put him out of his misery. It's a shame life has to be this way, now. It's a shame we have to kill to survive.

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