Zombie Street

This is a new Zombie Story for the competition about Zombie Awareness Week! Enjoy!


5. London

Dear Diary,

Everyone woke up at the same time again. We moved out earlier (despite the complaining from Yasmin's crazy mum) and we set off along the M1 towards London. We only passed a couple of Zombies on the way. Lucy and Tegan shot them right through the brain and Yasmin screamed a lot, but I managed to cover her eyes with my hand. I learnt that she's only eight and a half, and even though this is the way of life, eight and a half year olds shouldn't being seeing things like that.

We stopped for one break, and I asked everyone if we could have a minute silence for Eddy. He was the weakest and the strongest member of our group. He'd helped Chelsea and I to survive. He'd had a daughter of his own who'd managed to escape. He treated Chelsea and I like his daughters. He'd even tied Chelsea's brown wavy hair back into a high ponytail plait. It's perfect and hasn't come out since.

We all need a wash. Were starting to smell like Zombies. In a way, that isn't such a bad thing. Sometimes Zombie's hobble right past us, thinking were one of them. That's until we shoot their brains out, of course. That part I don't mind too much.

It took us a couple of hours to reach the gates. Were inside now.  There are so many people here, it's unbelievable. Most are smartly dressed and clean, so it was a surprise to them to see us in such a state. I'd say we've survived fairly well. Eddy was a horrible loss because he was such a bold and brave guy, but I'll never forget him.

Some of the soldiers guarding the gates found us a place to stay. One of them brought along clean clothes and water. We all changed fast and washed for as long as we wished. It was nice to run some water through my hair. And over my body. It's such a luxury. I forgot how good it felt.

It's sunset. I'm going to bed. Need to rest up and think of a super plan for tomorrow. I need to fix this. I need to.


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