Zombie Street

This is a new Zombie Story for the competition about Zombie Awareness Week! Enjoy!


10. Back

Dear Diary,

I didn't think I'd make it. I'm so thankful to be alive. I should have died. I should have...

Let me explain. You know the twinkle? In the soldiers eyes? Yeah, he was considering shooting me. How did I know that for certain? Well, after the city ran dry, he came to find me. He held a gun to my face.

'I should have done this weeks ago,' he growled, his face as thick as thunder. 'You fuckin' bitch!'

Yasmin's mum, since recovered, found her feet and slapped the solider hard between the should blades. He crippled and the gun flew through the air. He sunk to the ground. 

Of course, after all that commotion we found out he was highly dehydrated, along with the rest of the city, and after much consideration everyone voted. So I went hunting.

Anyway, almost died. 

But I found the final thing for the cure.

And it's not quite what I expected.


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