Stay Alive ~ Book one

The world has gone havoc. Bodies rising. Buildings crumbling. Should you trust anyone alive?

~Book one of the Apocalypse series~


6. Science Notes

By the end of the week, I had done research on walker bodies that were recently killed by me and some parts I scraped up from that boy at the gas station as I got to the east coast. I was top student from my science and chemistry classes. While I was analyzing, the walker who was a human had a tissue inside their bloodstream from the radiation three years ago. From what I analyzed from the boy who became a walker's body parts and he had the exact same tissue from the bloodstream.

My summary is that bot only did it only affect the civilians of Chicago, but when the walkers were ascending into the other states, the radiation they were carrying in their bodies spread as they went by. So if you die, no matter even if you are shot in the head, you will come back. The only way to kill a walker now is to smash their skull in.

This is the actual research I have gathered through the states.

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