Stay Alive ~ Book one

The world has gone havoc. Bodies rising. Buildings crumbling. Should you trust anyone alive?

~Book one of the Apocalypse series~


2. Prologue part 2



~Two hours later~


      I opened the fridge door and scanned for some food. My phone started to beep in my pocket. It was a news report that the small country of Solliverge has dropped a mass of deadly bombs on each country.

     I walked into the living room and fumbled for the remote to turn on the news. What I saw on, shocked me~

    "The results of the bomb dropped on Chicago," a news reporter continued. "is the fumes are deadly gases that make the dead wake up into flesh eating cannibals. As for the living, the gases will kill you and make you a cannibal."

     My heart dropped into my stomach as I heard the last line before I switch off the T.V.

     "The walkers---As we call them right now---are heading into Michigan and we have found no survivors in Chicago." the reporter finished.

       I heard the house phone ring but I had no idea where it was. I scouted everywhere until I found it under the couch.

   There was only a voicemail.

     I clicked it and my heart skipped a best on what I heard:

"T-Tara! This is Aunt Emily! Get to hiding! We may not be ho- *Screams in pain* GOODBYE! *Hangs up*"

      A sharp pain of terror and anger rushed through my body. I heard mumbles and footsteps on the streets. With caution, I opened the door.

    There were walkers lining the grass and streets. A few of them spotted my open door and they hobbled toward the doorstep. In fear, I slammed the door and locked it.

     'Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream~' I chanted to myself, pinching my skin hard.

     It was no dream. The walkers started to bang at the doors as I looked out the window. Two if them caught my eye.

    The first one, was a short, plump female with brown hair tied up in a bow, and she was wearing a black dress and high heels.

    The other, was a tall, skinny man with messy red hair, wearing a tuxedo and a orange tie, with dress shoes.

    That was what my parents wore on their funeral.

     They were my parents. Tears started to form in my eyes as the walkers broke down the door. I jumped from the couch and darted for the back door.

     I ran for about 10 minutes until I found a safe place in the woods.

    The falling of the living was three years ago.

    Thee years since our normal life.

   Three years since I saw sunlight and I was happy.

    Three years since I saw my family.



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