Stay Alive ~ Book one

The world has gone havoc. Bodies rising. Buildings crumbling. Should you trust anyone alive?

~Book one of the Apocalypse series~


3. Loner



          I crept through the bare streets, my arms ached from exhaustion. A small gas station was on the corner on the streets.

        'Never trust, never trust~' I said to myself in my head, pulling the M-13 from my survival bag. There was only two bullets left so I had to make then count.

       I stepped through the shattered window of the gas station and kept my gun in hand. There were painkillers, some sodas, the usual stuff in a gas station in Kansas.

       I grabbed as much as I could and stuffed it in my jacket pockets and backpack. As I was heading out, footstep sounds were bouncing off the walls.

      Terrified, I free the gun from my pocket and stood still.

      "SHOW YOURSELF!" my voice boomed through the isolated store.

      No answer.

     "SHOW YOURSELF!" I repeated, forgetting that the noise could attract walkers. After a few moments, a boy about nine crawled from a destroyed aisle.

     "D-do you have any food?" he asked; I could see marks of his tears through the mid-darkness. I walked up to him. He had ragged clothes on and a bite on his left arm.

     I gasped and without thinking, shot him in the head. It took a few minutes to truly see what I had done to a innocent child.

     "But it was a walker bite..." I told myself out loud. But I crouched down next to the boy's body and studied the mark.

    It was a dog bite.

     Tears started to well up on my eyes from what I have just done.

      "I'm sorry." I mumbled softly into the boy's ear. "I didn't even know you."

      The boy's arms lunged into my neck. I toppled over and tried to push him off. My gun was in a aisle beside me but my arms weren't long enough to reach it.

     With another strong push, I successfully threw the kid across the floor, his flesh skidding against the concrete. I jumped up and grabbed the gun. I aimed and fired my last bullet, straight for the head.

     I pulled the trigger and blood splattered onto the walls. I sighed in relief and walked up to the body cautiously, and stomped his skull until it cracked.

     'H-how did this happen?' I thought to myself. 'It was a dog bite!'

    With no ideas on what happened, I got up and walked up to the manager's abandoned office, opening the door. All there was in there was a computer, a lamp, notepad and pen, and a dead corpse. The notepad was splattered in blood, but luckily, it was only the first page. I grasped it and the laptop on the desk and walked out of the gas station through the emergency exit in the office.

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