Stay Alive ~ Book one

The world has gone havoc. Bodies rising. Buildings crumbling. Should you trust anyone alive?

~Book one of the Apocalypse series~


4. Journal entry #1


  ~June 16, 2016~

          Dear journal,

     As a note, this will not be a normal journal. Like before this era. There is an apocalypse. Of zombies. So don't think this will be all lovey-dovey with no sense.

      Because this will get pretty crazy.

     Well, the apocalypse started on August 15, 2013 (Yes, I remember.) when a country I have never even heard about dropped bombs on every country. To be honest, I don't understand why....

      What have we done to them?

      Anyways, they dropped the bomb on Chicago, and the fumes made the dead rise and cannibals. As for the living, it made them cannibals as well.

      My auntie Emily and Uncle Walter went to the market that day. And my cousin Roger bribed me with Doritos so he could hang out with his friends because he was grounded due to a.....Porn magazine. Anyways, I got the message on my phone.

   Then the news talked about it. When I looked out the window, I saw the walkers--as they are called--hobbling down the streets of Michigan. And.... I think I saw my parents; as walkers.

    A few of them noticed me and they went after me. If I didn't open that damn door, I wouldn't be in this mess!

    Back to today though:

     I found an old abandoned gas station on my way through Oregon because I was running low on food. When I was heading out, I heard footsteps. It ended up being a little nine year old boy from behind a destroyed aisle. He had scars, and looked like he was crying.

      He also had a bite on his arm which I thought was a walker's bite. Without thinking, I shot him in the head. After looking at the body, I noticed it was a dog bite.

     Or so I thought.

   The boy came back as a walker even though I could purposely tell it was a dog bite! After that dramatic incident, I found this notepad and a laptop in the abandoned manager's office. Then I headed out through the back and took shelter under a bridge.

             I feel like the last survivor.

   That's basically it.






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