Stay Alive ~ Book one

The world has gone havoc. Bodies rising. Buildings crumbling. Should you trust anyone alive?

~Book one of the Apocalypse series~


5. Dreams




I placed the pen down and looked Down at the rushing river in front of me and sighed. My arms and legs began to ache from the writing. My eyes began to droop.

I slapped myself awake and continued to eat the Snicker bar I was munching on. I forgot what happened, but I fell asleep.

In the dream, I was sitting on the couch with my parents a watching TV; a family tradition in the evenings. Mother patted my head and when I looked over at my father, he was staring out the window into the twilight.

A hand broke through the glass and pulled daddy out. E screamed in pain as mother ran out if the front door I see what have happened.

A mass of what sounded like tearing and eating was in the background from the screams of bloody murder.

"M-mommy?" I cried from the worry. The door broke open and a flood of walkers poured in into the living room; their mouthed were filled with rotting flesh and blood.

Or lunged for my stomach. As I slowly died on the floor, I saw my parents bodies laying on the ground outside from the busted door.

"M-M-Mommy...." I sobbed to my death, closing my eyes. "D-daddy..."


I woke up to be in a puddle if hot sweat. The smell of death and rain filled the air around me. My surroundings were covered with beady red eyes since darkness fell upon our world.

"Bats." I frowned, grabbing my torn satchel, setting my notepad inside carefully. I grabbed my gun and carefully crawled out from under the moldy bridge.

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