Ny movella


1. I hate you, bye.

"Go away, mom!" I yell at her. Gosh, I hate being here, at our 'lovely' home, as everyone calls it. But it's not. Maybe it looks nice, but living here drives me crazy! I found my handbag and got my money and my toothbrush. "I'm leaving, and I'm not coming back!" I really mean it. I have no idea where I'll go, but as long as it's not here, I don't even care.

As I run down the stairs, my lil sis look at me, very sad. "Are you leaving?" Her eyes are like oceans: blue and wet. And then there's me: blond hair, green/grey/blue eyes and think lips. Gosh, I understand why my mom like her best, Patrecia.. She's so damn perfect. "Of course I'm! Bye.." The car key is on the dresser, and decided to drive away instead. "Have a nice life!" om my way out, I fell over a little stone on the road. I started to yell at it, then I swear so bad at it. Something wet is rolling down at my cheeks, I got into the car and drove away. I must be about 20 km from home, when I stop the car and looked into the mirror. "Am I crying?" I couldn't stop looking at my self. A song was playing in the radio, but I had not noticed before which song it was, You & I by the British/Irish boy band One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and I've always wanted to marry Harry Styles, the curly one. For a moment my thoughts were positive, thinking about 1D. When the song ended, the radio speaker talked about a competition. My ears grew bigger and it was like the woman from the radio sat next to me. "Do you wanna met the handsome boys from 1D? Then listen! If you know the name on Zayn Malik's girlfriend, you can win a day with the boys!" I know Zayns girlfriend's name, her name is Perrie Louise Edwards! My boney hands fly down in my handbag, and fished up my phone. "Perrie Louise Edwardssss.." SEND! Omg I'm in a competition now! I start the car and on my way to the mall in the closest city. I'm free and in two days an really free, because then I'm 18 and 'own' myself. 30 minutes later I'm standing in the middle of the mall, waiting on a phone call from the radio station. A tall guy with dark hair take a seat on the bench right in front if me. "Wanna have a seat?" He ask. I give him the elevator look, like I was a snob, but he looks like a player. "No thanks, I'm fine." I turn around and walk away from him. *Beeeez, beeeeez* Omg my phone is buzzing, I have won the compition!! I tried to be cool an calm and swiped my finger to the right. "Hallo?" My voice sounds confident but I'm almost shitting in the floor. "Hallo, are you Sophie? I'm Samantha from the local radio station Radio B." my eyes are open wide. " yessss" she laughed. "I guess you already know why I'm calling?" I can't help but scream. "Did I won?!!!" I jump up and down and soon I'm on the cold mall floor, doing the worm thing. "Yes, tomorrow at the Polka Park, 11:00am. Have a nice day!" The line is dead. I'm screaming and run out to my (moms) car. For about two ours I'm just sitting there, fangirling...

I know it's short, but the next will be more exiting and longer! And may have some sexual stuff. :p xxglittersofie

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