What is normal

this is for the people out there who are like me not all that popular a little shun for their tastes and not full emo or girly either and 100% nerdy it's just a bunch of things I made up and songs I kike but isn't every book like that


7. To all those of you like me

This is just a little something for everyone out there who is like me. Shun for your taste in clothes and music.

So if you love those completely unoriginal bands One Direction JLS and  wear all the new trends, even if you say you don't. This is not for you.

This for the people out there who have their own style and hate it when it is the new trend, like being a nerd, and have taste in music that goes back more than the latest big thing and have a mind of their own. I am one of you. Love yourself, for I love you. You are the people who change the world and make something of your lives.

Like this, maybe even put it on your favourites, if you are like me.

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