What is normal

this is for the people out there who are like me not all that popular a little shun for their tastes and not full emo or girly either and 100% nerdy it's just a bunch of things I made up and songs I kike but isn't every book like that


10. The last chapter

This is the last chapter. I hoped you liked this. If you smiled, thought `yeah this is me' or believe in yourself more now, then I have done my job. Please listen to the song Second Family as it inspired this. Those of you who are like me and liked this, you are my second family.


For when you feel alone and upset-

"It ups and downs of living life this way" - Patent Pending, One less heart to break

For when you need a laugh-

"If it was proper would you wear a haddock on your head"- Alice, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

When you had a bad day-

"It may not be my weekend, but it's going to be my year"- All Time Low, Weightless

One to make you feel good-

"Those who left a footprint in history  Did not follow the crowd Not ever"- Me

Thanks for reading!!! I love my fans!!! And remember- You are not alone

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