What is normal

this is for the people out there who are like me not all that popular a little shun for their tastes and not full emo or girly either and 100% nerdy it's just a bunch of things I made up and songs I kike but isn't every book like that


8. Checklist for when you have a bad day

NO.1- iPod- to drown out your problems; if you cant hear them, they can't bother you

NO.2- a good book- escape into a world you love and leave all the bad things behind

NO.3-  your pet (if you have one)- surrounding yourself with something you love will help 

NO.4- TV- watch your favourite show, even if it's a rerun

NO.5- comfort food- e.g. chocolate, sweets, or anything you like, even toast

NO.6- rant on to someone- it'll make you feel better, even if it makes you look whiney

No.7-dance around and sing in your bedroom- just have fun and let go

NO.8- just forget your problems- if you don't let stuff get to you, it can't upset you

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