Troyler - "Chubby Bunny" (Fanfiction)

Troye always had feelings for Tyler. Ever since he first saw Tyler in one of his Youtube videos. However, he never realized that this was going to happen....


3. Until the very end... - Chapter 3

We lay on the couch, my head on his lap. The heat from his body not only warmed me on the outside, but also the inside. I loved him so much. We cuddled against one another.  Somewhere just a few metres away from me, a television  spoke, mumbling line after line of some monotonous comedy. My mind was in no state for doing anything other than admiring Tyler. I looked up at him, and he lowered his gaze back down to me. And it was then I knew that everything was okay. No problems could affect me, no mistakes could be made. No matter what happened, we would be there for each other. There was no doubt in all of my soul or mind in that moment, that we were perfect for each other. We were the star-crossed lovers, the Romeo and Juliet, the Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan.

“Okay?” Tyler whispered.

“Okay.” I replied, snuggling once again against his chest, feeling  his warmth wash through me: Through my pores. Through my veins. Through my lungs. Until it reached its destination. My heart. And there it would rest, until the end of time.





Thank you for reading this short fluff fanfiction! I really hope you enjoyed it because I loved writing it. :) Please leave me suggestions and comments below to tell me what you think I did well and what I need to improve on. Thank you I love you all!!!! <3 xx

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