Troyler - "Chubby Bunny" (Fanfiction)

Troye always had feelings for Tyler. Ever since he first saw Tyler in one of his Youtube videos. However, he never realized that this was going to happen....


1. The Challenge - Chapter 1

Troyler = Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan

My cheeks ached as they were forced outwards. I couldn’t handle this anymore: the pain was unbearable. One more – I thought. The skin on my face stretched further as I squeezed one more into my mouth. I was almost choking on the huge amount of substance in my mouth. My eyes wide open with shock and pain, I tried to get the words out of my mouth; nearly vomiting in the process. There was voices next to me – laughing.  I regained my composure. I was a timebomb, mere moments away from exploding. There was not much time left.

“Chubby Bunny!” I mumbled. Just then, the marshmallows I had been placing in my mouth erupted out, my dinner nearly coming out with it. “Oh my God, Tyler! That was horrible!” I exclaimed; looking down at the large mountain of sticky mess I had made on Tyler’s floor. I had never disliked marshmallows more.

I turned to Tyler, as his giggled at my reaction. His cheeks were red with strain as he attempted to fit another marshmallow into his mouth. He looked ridiculous, with his cute glasses perched atop his puffed out cheeks. He murmured something completely incomprehensible. I looked at him, confused, which only made him laugh more.

“C’mon Tyler, you can do it!” I said, as he struggled to keep any composure. Eventually, he straightened out, sat upright, and grabbed another marshmallow. Then, he pushed it into the corner of his mouth, barely keeping the others in.

“Chubby Bunny.” He murmured. I gasped.

“Wow, I never knew you could take so much in your mouth.” He turned to me and smirked. We shared a moment of peace as I looked into his dark cloudy eyes with a grin on my face. I saw the reflection of me in his glasses, wearing the cutest shirt I could find. His pale skin had gone a bright, deep red from the strain. Suddenly, I remembered this was all being recorded on camera and I was brought back to focus. He had been looking at me in a very similar way. Suddenly, we both exploded into laughter, clutching our sides as giggled with glee. Tyler could not go on any longer and soon found his marshmallows out of his mouth and onto the floor. We had made such a mess of his apartment.

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