Troyler - "Chubby Bunny" (Fanfiction)

Troye always had feelings for Tyler. Ever since he first saw Tyler in one of his Youtube videos. However, he never realized that this was going to happen....


2. "I really like you..." - Chapter 2

5 minutes later, we had finished recording. I clicked off the record button on my camera.

“Well, that was fun wasn’t it Troye!” Tyler remarked as I fumbled around with the tripod.

“Sure was.” I replied. “All the other Youtubers made it seem easy!” Tyler laughed at that, stepping up to wash his hands. I turned around to see him. He looked adorable today; dressed in a tight blue button down shirt and light blue trousers. His dyed lavender hair was arranged in a messy quiff, reaching up towards the ceiling. He began to make his way over to the bathroom. I stood up just as he was going past, and lightly placed my hand on his shoulder. He slowed his pace and an eerie silence encased the room.

“You know,” I started. “When we stopped for a moment and looked at each other, I realized something.” Tyler looked at me expectantly, just waiting for me to say it. He knew what I was going to say. “I.. kinda… really like you.” I said, looking down at the floor. A few seconds of silence followed.

“Well aren’t you a little cutie!” Tyler said, beaming from ear to ear. He brought my face to his gaze, staring longingly at me for a moment. My heart danced within my rib cage. He was just irresistible. Then he turned away. It wasn’t awkward – he didn’t seem threatened by the fact and I was glad I had told him. He walked towards the bathroom to get himself cleaned up. My gaze followed his movement; and I thought about how something strange attracted me to him. Like some invisible thread, scared of being cut in half, if we were too far apart. The thread felt even stronger now that I had told him, and I felt relieved I had done so. I heard the rushing sound of water from the tap in the bathroom. I sat down on the couch, smiling to myself.

A minute later, I heard the flow of water stop. Then: a sigh. I looked up towards the bathroom, what was wrong? Tyler walked out a moment later, a cute smirk across his face. He approached me and fiddled with my camera for a moment, then sat down next to me, without saying a word. I felt like there was something he needed to say.

“You know.” Tyler began. My heart raced with fear and suspense. “I really like you too.” The words echoed around in my head at lightning speed.

“You… you do?” I stuttered. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. My heart bounced with joy. Tyler nodded. And with that, the largest smile cracked on my face, my cheeks aching once again. I put my hands on my face: I honestly could not believe it! He smiled wide at my reaction, and once again we shared a moment of peace and admiration. His teeth gleamed and his eyes sparkled as we gazed at one another. He was so beautiful. What was it about him that made him irresistible? Was it his giggle, his smirk, his sense of humour? The thread between us was stronger than ever and the tension was indescribable.

Then, he began to move closer to me. His face neared mine, and my heart raced once again. I tilted my head slightly and moved towards him. I felt his warm breath against my lips. Suddenly, our lips touched. My body responded immediately, fireworks going off within me. His lips were soft and moist, and interlocked perfectly with mine. He kissed passionately, and I could only respond with my own passion during this moment of heaven. I brought my hand up to his face, and caressed it gently as we kissed. Then, I felt his hand reach towards my lower back, grabbing firmly yet reassuringly. This had only lasted a few seconds, yet felt like an eternity that I wanted to never end. All of my admiration for him had been building up to this: and it was worth every second. All of my other senses were disabled as we kissed. Nothing else in the world was more important than these few seconds we shared with each other: lips interlocked.

Eventually, his grip on my lower back loosened, and his lips began to break away from mine. I didn’t want it to be over, yet I responded and moved my head back a little. I opened my eyes to his expression: the cutest little smirk I had ever seen in my life. I felt my skin going a deep red, blushing under the eyes of my lover. I never realised that my fantasies would come true and he would love me back. The thread between us had grown stronger than ever before, becoming less than a mere shred of fabric and more like a rope that bound us together. I was truly astonished, but oh so happy.

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