Throughout a city full of lives and happy thoughts. A new shadow forms over the cities and is breaking throughout to the other planets. Their planet, Earth. It is in serious danger, the shadow is swallowing all happiness and relationships. Every person living on this planet is about to experience something out of this world. Earth will have a new name, the world as they know it, will become nothing more than a speck of dust. Scientists have been searching day in and day out for the cure. Their own doing has brought Hell to the surface. The world is becoming unstable, the reality is becoming an unreality. The whole ground is shaking up skin and bones. Red liquid flows into the cracks, and the man smiles with his daily jog. His brain becomes tense, slowing down his functionality. His eyes are numb, which sounds crazy but they are. His lips are sealed, hiding away dark secrets from the rest of the pack. [Mature Content] 3,000 Words MAX!


2. Survival In Groups / Teenagers under Rules (1500 Words)

Survival in Groups / Teenagers under Rules

Not too far away from a lake, lives a pack of people. Wolves in disguise, these people crave shelter under a bridge. Rumoured to be named “trolls,” these people are regular humans. Alice, aged: 14 – hobby: shooting ducks and the Undead. – As she grew up in this world, she was held back by her father’s death. Her mother learned an awful lot from her husband. She passed down her knowledge of weapons and survival to her daughter, Alice. Alice became a warrior, a little girl to everyone’s thoughts. Alice became brave and no longer afraid of the outdoors, forced to put up with strangers, her mother promised her safety. The strangers: Joe, Kane, Jenna, Sarah, Kevin. Joe, aged: 16 – wanting to stop undead. Kane, aged: 21 – putting up with others, loves Alice’s mother. Alice’s mother is 28 years old. Kane is considered as a gross man. A vile, sick minded person. Jenna, aged: 21 – loves Kane’s personality, but hates his stupidity. – Sarah, aged: 14 – thrown into the dump to be slaughtered, she escaped. But at what cost? – Losing her left arm and a chunk of her hair. Forced to hide away her appearance, she wore a black beanie hat. Kevin, aged: 50 – the oldest of the pack, the wisest, wanting to survive with his so-called family. The group shared personal information with each-other, trusting each-other to the end. They all wanted safety, and that’s what they promised each-other. They promised that they would all have a family too.

‘Kevin, when will this duck be done?’ Alice’s mother grunted.

‘Give it a few more turns… then we’ll get some shuteye.’

‘Ha, you really know how to get someone to sleep, don’t you old man.’

‘You learn a lot at my age, I’m not old… you cheeky bugger!’

‘Ha, of course… sorry for putting that on your mind.’

Kevin crossed his arms, staring at Alice’s mother as he slowly closed his eyes. Her image faded from his mind, as he began to snore quietly. Sarah crept up on Alice and scared her with a stick. Joe came over to comfort Alice, to talk to her about something on his mind.

‘When will be moving, Joe? – I’m sick of this p-‘

‘Now, now… I can’t promise you our moving dates… - Kevin has it planned, why don’t you ask him?’

‘Because… I can’t, he is snoring away like an elephant. Can’t you tell him for me?’ Alice smiled at Joe.

‘You really ask a lot of me, don’t you Alice…’ Joe sighed.

‘P-please, Joe. I promise not to ask anything else from you, for a week!’

‘…Fine, but if he blames me for what happened a week ago, I’ll be taking your claims…’ Joe grunted.

‘Whatever… I don’t care. You can take my claims, I’ve got more to lose than you…’ Alice laughed.

A tense relationship between Alice and Joe had begun. Kevin still snoring the background, and the sound of the undead gargling above. Everyone kept quiet, waiting for the so-called creatures of the dead to pass by. They weren’t prepared for a fight tonight, they just wanted to treat it like a normal day.

‘Shit, I can’t have that… it’ll make me sick…’ Alice’s mother croaked.

‘It’ll make you better, a wound like that can only need some healing…’ Jenna smiled.

‘Don’t use the last of our supplies on a silly wound. Don’t use it on me, make use of it on the ones that need it…’ Alice’s mother groaned in pain.

‘Nonsense, you won’t survive another week, if we don’t inject you now…’

‘I don’t care… as long as my Alice lives, that is all I care about…’

‘Why don’t you tell me that yourself?’ Alice whispered.

Alice stared at her mother, looking at the wound she was trying to hide from her. Jenna tried to hide the wound too, covering the wound with her sleeves. Alice saw the wounds, they were too late to hide it. She became stressed, and less brave than before… she became a threatening human-being.

‘Kevin will want to know about this, he said a week ago that something was up… he told me that it was right under our noses.’

‘Honey… go back to sleep…’ Jenna nervously spoke.

‘Don’t “honey” me! – You should’ve told me, Jenna… what kind of family keeps secrets from each-other?!’ Alice stomped.

‘…A family with good intentions on keeping you safe…’ Alice’s mother whispered.

‘Try to save your breath, this wound might take some time to heal…’ Jenna replied.

‘No, save your breath, Jenna… I-I can’t believe, I, t-trusted you…’

Alice wielded herself with a metal dagger, holding it in her left-hand. She was furious with Jenna keeping secrets from her. In their pack, there are rules. Promises can’t be broken, or you lose an arm. Kevin made the rules, and the pack decided to follow like sheep. – Only, they were more like wolves…

‘Now-now, don’t do anything stupid, girl…’ Jenna’s face expression froze of fear.

‘Let go of my mother… and then I want you to kneel down, and you tell me what you told me back at the city…’ Alice waved her dagger.

‘O-okay, okay… j-just p-put down that… p-please!’ Jenna cried.

‘Kneel! – I don’t care about this pack anymore… you’re a bunch of animals…’ Alice screamed.

The undead from above made horrible sounds, clicking noises. And their necks crackled, as their teeth gnashed on a corpse above.  Jenna froze in place, Alice did too. There were more of the undead showing up, the corpse above had gained quite a following. With all the attention on a corpse, some of them had walked off the bridge. Only two managed to survive the fall, landing face down into dry dirt.

‘Alice! - - S-stay still…’ Jenna gasped.

‘Jenna… b-behind you…’ Alice whispered.

As Jenna turned to look behind her, a sharp claw grasped her neck. As Alice’s mother’s injured body rolled down towards the lake. Jenna clawed onto the ground, screaming for help. The sound of them screaming awoke Kevin, as Joe dashed to see the commotion. Kevin grabbed half of his supplies and made a run for it. Joe watched Kevin run away like a coward, hating his guts. Joe ran to Jenna’s side, firing a bullet at an undead zombie behind Alice.

‘No, you idiot! – You’ve got their attention, now!’ Alice screamed.

Joe panicked, smashing the handle of the gun off a zombie, and jumped it. Alice was free to run away, as more zombies began to slide down the steep hills. Some of them rolled into the lake, missing their chances of grabbing a human to bite into.

‘Jenna! – Grab my leg… quickly!’

Alice held out her leg for Jenna to grab onto.

‘I-I can’t, just go! – Go!’ Jenna screamed.

The zombie dragged Jenna away, as her nails dug deep into the dry dirt, making her scream in pain. Her scream faded away, as the zombie dragged her into the darkness. Alice watched the blood trail follow intro darkness, as she took a deep breath, she ran to Joe’s side.

‘Joe… a-are you okay?’ Alice whispered.

‘No! – I’m not okay… hold onto my hand, and press hard. I need the blood to circulate… h-hurry!’

Alice freaked out, knowing she had little time to save Joe. The zombies didn’t make it easier for them, as they grasped onto Alice’s left foot.

‘Get off me! – Let go of me…’ Alice whispered to herself.

Joe made us of his energy, kicking a zombie down, as it rolled towards the lake gathering dust from the dirt. As more zombies rolled down the steep hills, their clumsiness caused loads of dirt particles to explode in the air. Dust clouds formed around Alice and Joe, as she screamed.

Alice grabbed Joe, and dragged him whilst straining her muscles. She managed to drag Joe closer to a steadier platform. She stabbed one of the zombie’s in its eye, and kicked it into the wall. Leaving the dagger in its eye socket, she dragged Joe away from the camp.

Kane’s voice broke out of nowhere.

‘Help! – Your mother needs your help, Alice, I need your help!’

‘-I’ll be right back for you, Joe… use this, make every last bullet count…’ Alice cried into Joe’s shoulder.

She handed him a pistol with only five magazines of ammunition remaining. The sound of gunfire could be heard behind Alice, as she slowly walked down the steep hill. She tried not to lose her balance, holding onto the ground with all her might. Kane grabbed Alice’s hand, pulling her aside.

The zombies near Joe clawed their way to Joe’s footing. One of them clawed into his left ankle, whilst another managed to bite his left leg. Joe screamed in pain, firing random bullets at the zombies. It was no use, all of the attention was on Joe. Only a small majority of them attempted of reaching Alice and Kane. Some zombies had drowned.

- Next time on Earth’s Underworld Z -

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