When they come


2. Apocalypse

Mum gestures for me to come and crouch with her and Jo. I crawl over.

"Dad..." I whimper. She shakes her head, puts her finger to her lips to shush me, but she looks like she could burst into tears any second. I feel that way too. I hug her and she hugs me back.

"Sorry you had to see that," she whispers so quietly, I have to strain to hear. "Stay strong."

We all knew this was coming. It's been on the news for weeks, months even. In fact, just last week, there were zombies in the news studio, so mum had to turn the TV off. It hasn't been on since. We already have the attic prepared and we've been saving our food, but we never expected it to actually come to our town.

Jo stands up but ducks back down immediately. He winces like he's hurt badly, but he crawls out of the kitchen, into the hallway and we follow. We creep up the stairs and gather some things from our bedrooms. Jo brings the ladder to the attic down from the roof and climbs to the top. I climb to the middle and mum stays at the bottom, handing us things, one by one. When we've got everything in the attic we climb up to the large space and fold the ladder back up. There is a mattress near the back wall - I guess we'll all be sleeping on that. We have lots of thing to unpack from the emergency boxes we had packed when we had first heard about the apocalypse. I unpack the clothes, blankets and entertainment; mum unpacks the food and drink, and puts them in the mini fridge; and Jo unpacks all the weapons. We make sure we know how to use the emergency exit (a window with a ladder fixed to the side of the house below it). I think we are pretty comfortable. I hope my friends are going to be okay.

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