Incoincidently, we crossed paths

Finn is just a 15 year old speculating and socially awkward girl, who tries her best to dodge drama. She finds she is constantly making an effort to maintain her open mindedness to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Dan is a charming new addition to her mellow life, who deviously sees to dispose of this mentality.


1. Shakespeare me in the heart

Finn let out a tiring sigh as she sat and half listened to Robert read ‘The Tempest’. Although she loved literature (especially poetry) and found Shakespeare’s work indisputably amazing, she dreaded the following assignment knowing that it wouldn’t be a matter of just tuning in and appreciating the works of the English Author. Mrs. Caldwell, or at least that is what everyone called her abruptly stopped Robert’s mesmerizing (not) story telling to reiterate what had just been read in an understandable 20th century persona. Finn had mixed opinions about her English teacher; she didn’t like the way she spoke or the fact that she had escalating expectations for her class, even if they were ‘Students of High Performance’. Finn despised the way the lady critically marked their English essays, and especially hated her hypocritical act of being open to new ideas and thinking that there’s never a wrong or right answer. But when a student goes against her in a perfectly negotiable manner, they’d be lucky enough to scrape away with a C.  Mrs. Caldwell although in Finn’s eyes was highly educated woman wasn’t quite fit to be a ninth grade teacher; she just wasn’t one their naïve wavelength. BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! The school belled alerted the students that it was finally lunchtime.


Finn looked across at her best friend Tina who had raised both hands in fist and was shaking them rigorously with a massive train track filled smile. Finn side smirked at her cute friend’s enthusiastic reaction. It was as if she’d been delivered from the treacherous bonds of triple English and freed into the glorious encasings of microwaved fried rice.  Katie who was relieved at the thought of lunch, but at the same time depressed about the 1000 word comparative essay they’d been given and were expected to finish in two weeks (along with another gazillion assignments). She let out a frustrated moan. The three girls made their way up the school stairwell crossing paths with the pedophilic gym teacher Mr. Thompson, who cringeworthingly greeted them


“Hello little munchkins” he exclaimed.


The trio made their way to the year 9-lunch fridge. Finn observed her two close friends with absolute scrutiny, wondering how all of their three contrasting personalities gelled so well together. Finn always thought about things. If anything you could say she always over analysed everything. She noticed a lot of things though, for example the fact that Dan; who was one of her closest friends definitely liked her. But Chris who she had a fancying for ever since year 7, was either too intimidated by Dan to make a move, or had completely no interest in her whatsoever. Either way she enjoyed the company of both of them, and found herself constantly correlating the two. 

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