Incoincidently, we crossed paths

Finn is just a 15 year old speculating and socially awkward girl, who tries her best to dodge drama. She finds she is constantly making an effort to maintain her open mindedness to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Dan is a charming new addition to her mellow life, who deviously sees to dispose of this mentality.


2. I refuse to be a duckling!

Making their way down the crowded stairs above the office, Finn always found herself in the vortex of ‘wonders’ the school had on offer. People watching was her favourite thing to do, she would often be mistaken as a ‘lost child’ whilst widening her eyes to the dreaded reality of Middle School. Because of her daily studying she had developed a theoretical, social and discriminative hierarchy for the school.


You’d start at the top, with the exalted yet debased, well-known groups. These people have most influence over the vulnerable/codependent kids who prioritise popularity over humility and true friendships. Moving down to the fence sitting nonplused children, who have a tendency of hypocritically gossiping about the degraded humans at the top, but when it comes down to the corn: what do they do? They squabble in their tracks like baby ducklings. Transitioning into the slightly better excuses for human beings we have the Nerd-fighters! These people are highly intelligent and always make sure you are fully aware of their intellect, but when it comes to social inclusion they’re on the down low. They’re stuck in a pit of wavering anxiety and social awkwardness, you ask them something that isn’t about PC games or books and they um and ah you away into Doctor Who’s paradox just to save the conversation.


 Then saving the most tolerable for last; Finn’s group: intellectual yet social, they were basically the cream of the corn, the 2000th puzzle piece, assembling an interpretive image of a Middle School. These children would hide and peek through the cracks, disgraced by the very foundation of every teenager around them. Finn loved her group and thought everyone in it did as well. But this mentality of hers was ambiguous. She was almost blinded by the concept of her ‘ideal’ social circle she didn’t notice the corners starting to form.


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