Breaking Through

Sixteen-year-old Emma Marioni has to deal with the day-to-day issues of every teenager plus the complications of a disease. Struggling with commitment with boyfriends and broken friendships while her best friend Emily has it all. See how Emma "breaks through" to find her identity. © pips. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


9. Chapter 9

I went to school the next day, and I knew that nothing could go wrong. The universe had finally listened to my wishes and granted them! What was even better was I didn’t have maths with the witch either. Everything seemed to have worked itself out, and for once I was happy. I hadn’t really understood the quote “Happiness is a Choice” up until now. Now I took it to heart. I was determined to be happy and not let silly things get me down, because I knew life was a rollercoster. Everything wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies. And things didn’t magically happen for you, you had to work for it and actually earn it.

Just as I walked into school, genuine smile plastered on my face, I saw him. Sam. There he was, walking so smugly down the hall, glaring at me with his hand firmly plastered on Olivia’s butt. What a slut. Sam was the type of guy to wear those singlets that show half your chest and neck and still get away with it. Olivia was the classes’, what shall we call her? Easy-girl. She seemed to have a competition on how many guys she could be with and ruin in a year. So far she had been with at least twelve guys, not that I was counting. Olivia was wearing typical Easy-girl outfit; belly-showing lacy top with short shorts riding up and giving her a massive wedgie, not that she really cared. As they walked past me Sam gave me a look that said “Well, isn’t Olivia lucky?” The smug jerk. Olivia smiled her nasty smile and stuck her middle finger up at me. Well that was kind.I tried to not let it bother me, but for some reason it did. How could I let Sam get to me like that? It was so frustrating how venerable I was.

Someone snuck up behind me and wrapped their arms around my waist. If this was Tim I would cry. I have always wanted a guy to do that to me. Then they kissed me on the neck four times, please be Tim. I turned around, and thank God it was Tim, I would have freaked if it was a girl.

“Hey my little enchilada! How are you this fine day?” He beamed.

Wow, I never knew I could make someone so happy their face looked like that, but if anything it added to my happiness and made me feel so good.

“Enchilada? That’s so cute! I’m better now you’re here.”

“Yes, it is cute. A name only fitting for my cute little cutie pie.”

I smiled. Then I heard some throw up noises.

“Ew! Seriously guys, keep the mushy stuff for when you are alone. I don’t want to hear about it.” It was Emily. Of course it was Emily, she was the main culprit for ruining moments like this. And always with fake throw up noises.

“I seem to remember having to put up with things much worse than this with you! By the way where is Josh? Isn’t he meant to be back yet?”

“Yeah he’s getting back today I think. He called every night to say he missed me. Oh that reminds me! We will both have boyfriends so we should start double dating like we always planned! Oh my god I’m so excited I can’t wait we will have to start planning straight away!” with that Emily rushed off without saying goodbye or listening to anything I had to say. She could be strange like that.

Once again, Tim left me to get his books and I didn’t see him again until lunch.


Tim invited me to see a movie the next day. You could probably imagine I was a little hesitant at first, considering my last movie date incident. But Tim, I knew, would never do that to me. Afterwards we had planned to have dinner with Emily and Josh. I was sure it would be dreadful. I didn’t particularly like Josh in the first place, but he was ok when he was with Emily, it was true because Emily always brought out the best in everyone.

I got ready for my movie and slung my hair up in a bun. It was always curly, but too frizzy, and I mean so frizzy you’d think it was a bush on my head, to ever have down. I couldn’t even straighten it, because it was so thick and frizzy. I put on a casual dress and told my parents I was leaving. Surprisingly, Tim also lived close to my house. He lived over the road and four houses to the right. I skipped over to his door and knocked six times and waited. A minute later I heard two knocks back, and the door opened to reveal a white smile. He told me I looked beautiful and led me to his car. He blasted the music loud to our favourite tunes and we sang at the tops of our voices. It wasn’t awkward, it was casual. It felt normal. But it wasn’t the first time we had done this, oh no, this was our car routine. We banged our heads and sang, awfully, while we smiled so wide our mouths ached. When we finally arrived at the Cinemas, Tim opened my door and helped me out. He put his arm around my waist, but not possessively like Sam did, he did it protectively and sweetly. We walked in and Tim bought us popcorn and a frozen coke, to share! So we were already at the sharing a drink stage? But then as I thought about it, we always had. Even as friends we would share our drinks and it never felt weird. Any other guy and I would have freaked. But this was Tim, my friend. Then it hit me. I was dating my friend. How could I do that? What if we broke up again? It would be so awkward. My second boyfriend and I had already started talking myself out of it, telling me all the things that could go wrong, even before we had started our first date. I told myself to relax and that in the scenario that we did break up Tim would always be my friend. He was that kind of guy.

So when we walked in and took our spots, not at the kissing spot at the back this time, but in the middle, I had calmed down and I knew that whatever happened everything would be ok. Unlike Sam’s date, I didn’t have any pressure on me to kiss him. This time the date felt natural and right. I guess seeing that I knew Tim I knew what to expect and I knew that I actually liked the guy. Know I looked back, I thought that my attraction to Sam was purely physical.

I turned slightly to the side and pulled out my test kit. I quickly and silently did my thing and turned back to Tim.

“You don’t need to hide it Emma. You should know that by now. And if anyone is mean about it, they don’t deserve you. And people who know you as well as I do know it wasn’t your fault and it doesn’t define you as a person. Stop letting it. I like you for who you are.”

Oh my god. I had been waiting all my life for people to treat me like this. Tim was so understanding and sweet. That was when I knew we would be together for a long time. Most other people, adults included, judged me for having Type One Diabetes. Some people even looked me up and down and said “You know if you exercise and eat well you won’t get diabetes.” Fancy that, people who thought they knew better about the illness I have. People were so ignorant.

Because Tim had known me since I was diagnosed, he had kind of learnt with me. So instead of doing everything myself he told me how many carbs were in our drink and popcorn. He had learnt how to carb count for me. Why hadn’t I seen how great he was before? I even let him “bolus” for the food in my pump. Even Emily wasn’t really interested enough to learn how to “bolus” or count carbs for me. And I knew it was a long shot and that I was far from being an adult and marrying someone, but what if Tim was the one? In the moment of all my dizzy day dreams I had forgotten why I was there. The ads had started and Tim had subtly lifted the arm rest that parted us. He pulled me onto him and pulled my head onto his chest. I could have stayed like that for hours, it was unbelievably comfortable. The movie we had come to see wasn’t a soppy love story like Sam had taken me to. But it was an epic action movie; Wolverine. Unlike the date with Sam this movie was good and not intended to be boring so you could fill the time with snogging. This was the kind of movie I enjoyed, and there was no pressure. One thing I did enjoy about the movie was that when there was a frightening scene I would just throw my arms around Tim and burry my face in his chest and he would put his arms around me and stroke my back. When I glanced up during one of those moment, so he couldn’t see me, I saw that he wasn’t even watching the screen. He was just sitting there smiling, looking at me.

After the movie Tim asked if I liked the movie and I told him I did, especially with the company. When we got outside he took his jacket off and slung it around my shoulders instead. Sam would never have done that. Tim was a true gentleman. When I asked if he was ok in just his long sleeved shirt he simply shrugged and told me I needed it more, but none the less he made a point of snuggling while we walked. When we arrived at the restaurant Emily and Josh were already there. Unlike what I had thought dinner would be like, it was pleasant and enjoyable.


My second date went wondrously. It was like a date you’d expect to see in a movie or read in a book. Tim drove me home, this time silently, and dropped me off at my doorstep, while he snuck in a small good night kiss. My mum was in the family room awaiting my arrival. This time, instead of running upstairs I sat down next to her and told her all about my night. She, in turn, told me she missed her times dating days but loved my dad. She told me some of her funny dating stories and, for the first time in a long time, we were bonding.

I went to bed with heart in my head, shaking, for happiness I presumed. I had it all; the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect family and the perfect life. I lay in my bed in high spirits, little did I know everything was about to change.

*** © pips

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