Breaking Through

Sixteen-year-old Emma Marioni has to deal with the day-to-day issues of every teenager plus the complications of a disease. Struggling with commitment with boyfriends and broken friendships while her best friend Emily has it all. See how Emma "breaks through" to find her identity. © pips. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


7. Chapter 7

Monday came around too quickly and I got ready and did all the other boring but necessary tasks. I told my mum I didn't want to go to school but she had said it would make Sam feel good about himself, that he had impacted me and made me upset and not want to see him. I couldn't believe how quickly your life can change. One minute you have everything, then it all gets taken away. You just have to learn to break through it all. Move on and not let it get to you. So that's what I did. I soldiered on and pretended I was ok. I went to school on the bus with Em, per usual. She looked at me, sympathetic, like I was about to burst into tears. I hated being treated like this! I wasn't a kid anymore, I'd been hurt but I will survive. It was not as if I had been with Sam for ages.

The bus slowed in town and let us off. We wandered into Hudson's and queued to get drinks and a croissant. Emily saw the male cashier and looked intrigued. She smirked and leant on the register. I couldn't believe she flirted with sexy-college-cashier guy when I was this depressed! After a while I cleared my throat and she sighed and rolled her eyes at me.

"Two hazelnut lat-"Emily started to order.

"Actually I think I will have a hot chocolate with marshmallows today." I told the cashier.

Emily shot me a look of complete surprise. "What! We've had hazelnut lattes every day for four years! You can't break tradition!"

I shrugged. "Just fancy a change."

She looked at me, flabbergasted but shrugged and turned back to the cashier.

"Wow you've come here every morning for four years?" the Cashier asked.

We nodded.

"Maybe I might have to give you a discount! Better yet, my treat," he winked. "By the way my name is Paul.

Emily giggled flirtatiously and introduced herself and me. After a quick exchange he gave her his number, me hanging back feeling excluded, like a third wheel. He passed us our drinks and waved shyly at Emily and raised his eyebrows at me as we left.

As we walked out I slapped Emily, "What the hell was that!"

She looked at me dumbfounded, playing innocent. "What?"

I frowned. "You have a perfectly lovely boyfriend, remember! You can't go getting hot cashier guy's number! God, if I had a guy as perfect as Josh I wouldn't be hitting on another guy, you little flirt!" I lectured.

She raised her eyebrows at me again. "It was just a little innocent flirting! Anyway it's just in case things turn out badly with Josh, no biggy."

I told her it was a big deal but she ignored me saying it's not as if she was going to marry Josh. I started to wonder if they were having problems in their relationship, but I didn't want to ask now when Emily was in a bad mood. We got to school ten minutes before the class bell. I went to my locker and grabbed my stuff ready for class and re-locked my locker. Tim, my best guy friend came up and leant against the next locker.

"Hey Tim Tam."

"Hey baby!" He smirked, lightly smacking my butt.

I whipped around. "Excuse me! Baby? And what's with the smacking?"

He simply shrugged casually. "Knock knock!"

"Tim I'm really not in the mood, sorry. I had a really rough weekend, Sa-"I replied quietly.

"Uh uh uh! I know exactly what happened! I'm one of your best friends remember! He ain't good enough for you sweetie, if he treats you like that. I on the other hand would treat you with kindness and respect!"

"Oh Tim, you don't have to do that to make me feel better. You're my best friend remember?"

His head dropped. "Just to make you feel better... Oh. Right. Well I gotta go…" Tim slouched off, head low.

What did I do this time? I had upset him a lot, but I didn't know how or why… Paige then linked her arm through mine. Paige was in the group of people I sat with at lunch. We were all good friends. Paige was a little upset when I ditched them for Sam the other day, then forgave me when I told her why that was.

"Hey. You're blue. Cheer up. You don't need a man! You have us."

I peered at her. "Says the girl who is in a great relationship and has gone all the way…"

"Well, what me and Robby have is chemical! I think we'll get married one day!"

The bell rang. Lucky, I was just about to say something to Paige I might regret. She sighed, released me and skipped off, yes, skipped. I returned to my locker and proceeded to History. This was going to be a long day.


At lunch time I tested my Blood and grabbed my lunch, heading towards the grass spot under the tree. Emily joined me at the science block. We walked silently to find the others were there already. I said 'hi' to Paige, Brendan, Jess and Kate. I looked around for Tim. Maybe he was studying.

"Hey M&Ms! Join us old friends!" Paige exclaimed. She loved calling us M&Ms or choccy, for some reason she found it highly amusing. We didn't really mind though, it was pretty fun having lots of different nicknames, as heaps of people liked to make them up for us.

Emily and I sat down and I started to ask where Tim was.

"He's in the library." Brendan offered.

"Right," I said and I got up to set off to the library. As I was about to leave I felt a hand grab my wrist. What now?

"No," Jess said harshly. I looked at her, frowned and tugged my wrist out of her grip.

"What. Tell me now. What happened?" I demanded.

"Well he kinda doesn't want to see you." Kate says.

"What do you mean he doesn't want to see me?"

"I think you'll have to work it out yourself Emma. He's a bit upset ok." Jess explained.

"Fine, be like that!" I yelled as I stormed off. I heard Emily get up to come after me but I started running and finally could no longer hear her footsteps. I ran to the library. I looked all over, I thought Tim might have left already until I spotted him as he sat in a beanbag chair over in the corner, nibbling his sandwich.

"Hey. I just want to say I'm sorry if hurt you, but I'm not even sure why you are mad at me." I sighed.

Tim just stared intently at his sandwich and ignored me.

"Fine if you don't want to tell me what to do so I can fix it." I tried again.

"You really wanna know? Ok remember in year seven I couldn't talk to you, I was too shy," I nodded. "Well I kinda had a crush on you."

"Where is this going?"

"I think you know." He stared at me. I shook my head.

"Well this morning I suggested us going out and you shook me off, thinking I was just being a nice friend. I love you Emma, I always have."

"What? This is a joke right? You couldn't love me!" I laughed, then stopped when I realised his face was serious. "Oh." I was at a loss for words. I bent down and gave him a hug, and whispered in a barely audible voice, "I love you too."

I pulled back and his face lit up excitedly. "Seriously?" I nodded again. "Wow baby I'm gonna treat you so nice you'll never want to be away from me."

I gasped. "Wait so we are together now?"

"I think so."

I screamed in delight and quickly was silenced by the grumpy librarian and told to go outside. Wow, I never thought Tim would like me back! All this time I had thought he was shy around me and never wanted to spend much alone time with me because he disliked me. But I had always had a deep crush on him, but moved on thinking that he would never like me. We walked outside together and he shoved his hand in his pocket, then ran it through his hair. He then plucked up some courage and grabbed my hand. I had some strange urge to grab him there and then and kiss him, but I refrained. We just got together, we had to take things slow first!

Walking up the hill to our spot, our friends all stopped talking and eyed us up, eyebrows furrowed.

"It's official! I have a girlfriend!" Tim yelped excitedly.

Everyone smiled, got up and cheered. We had a massive group hug, but was ended by Tim when he started kissing me. People let go and backed off saying 'Gross!' and made fake vomiting sounds.

We all sat down and talked, all the while I sat in Tim's lap, until the bell for next class ruined it and we had to get up.


I went to English and sat at the back next to Alice. We now talked more often and I was kind of warming up to her. It's surprising how nice people you overlook can be. Now I think about it, I used to be one of those people. Not having any friends because I was a bit 'different'. At the end of class Alice asked if Emily and I wanted to see a movie with her. I told her I did and that I'd ask Emily. Because we were doing an assignment together in English I told Emily I had to hang out with Alice after school for a few weeks, and at first she seemed ok with that.

We made our way home together on the bus. Things were a little tense and I wasn't even sure why. Emily said she would go to the movies with Alice and I on Friday.

"Are you trying to replace me?" She burst out.

"What? Why would I do that? I love you."

"Oh well it just feels like you've stopped talking to me and you want to hang out with Alice the whole time."

"I told you that's for an assignment." She nodded and we went back to silence. When we got off the bus we said goodbye and went our separate ways. © pips

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