Breaking Through

Sixteen-year-old Emma Marioni has to deal with the day-to-day issues of every teenager plus the complications of a disease. Struggling with commitment with boyfriends and broken friendships while her best friend Emily has it all. See how Emma "breaks through" to find her identity. © pips. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


5. Chapter 5

I woke up in a bed next to Alice. This place was unfamiliar and I was scared. Emily was at my side and was looking at me frightfully. When she saw my eyes open she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Gosh Em! You seriously scared me!”

“Wh-aat? What happened?” I said weakly.

She patted me on the head and said,“Shhh.”

She just sat there looking at me for a while then said, “Alice is fine, she woke up about half an hour ago. The doctor said you just passed out on stress and worry. But just as long as I know you’re okay. Oh, by the way I called both our parents just to say where we are.”

I nodded weakly then lay my head back on the pillow.

As I scanned the room something bright and colourful caught my eye. I pointed at it and Emily looked over then said, “Oh yeah, flowers from none other than Sam. He saw you in the ambulance and came straight over wondering if you were ok. Oh and pleased to say he was as red as a tomato! He hopes you’ll get better soon and hopes you’ll still be able to make your date, which I’m sure you will.”

I smiled and felt my cheek burn red.

After checking my temperature and making sure I wasn’t dizzy anymore they let me out of the hospital half an hour later. Emily’s mum Sally came and picked us up and took us home. When I got in the front door my mum rushed over to hug me and check I was unharmed. I wriggled out of her firm grip as she held my face tightly in her hands checking it over for cuts.

“Honey we were so worried! I’m so glad you’re ok. Thanks for dropping her off Sal.”

Sally waved her hand, bid us farewell and took Em home. A little later I got a message on my phone from an unknown number. It said;

“Hey Emma thank you for helping me. I hope you’re all right. From your friend Alice”

I eyed the message suspiciously then texted a quick message back saying I was fine and hope she got better soon too. I then proceeded to text Emily;

“Hey did you give Alice my number?!”

I waited and about a minute later the reply came.


I frowned at her message. “Why?”

“Because she asked for it to thank you, and I couldn’t really say no.”

I pursed my lips and wrote back, “Great now she’ll be texting me 24/7; ‘what’d you get on the math exam? I got 100%!’”

“I doubt that. Now I’m going to bed see you at school tomorrow.”

“Grrrr! Ok see you.” I replied.

I flopped down onto my bed thinking about the day’s events. I soon fell asleep dreaming of Sam who turned into Alice who bombarded me with irritating questions who then turned into Miss Simons who was hanging me off a cliff by my ankle asking why I disrupted her classes.


The next day was Friday. I just had to last today and then I was going on my date! I saw Sam getting his books ready and he came over to talk to me. He asked if I was all right with sincere concern on his face. When I said I was his faced lightened with relief. I thanked him for the flowers and he went off to see his mates. After a history lesson first, where we learnt all about, you guessed it, boring history, I was tired and ready to go to sleep only to realise I had maths next! I loitered into the class and sighed. Miss Simons exclaimed she had made a new seating arrangement since the last one obviously didn’t work.

And then I was placed next to Alice. The know-it-all and, incidentally, Miss Simons’ pet. Lucky me. Miss Simons just adored her, she always had the answers for her questions and smiled up at her like she was a god or something. She smiled at me obviously pleased that I, her saviour, was sitting next to her. Miss Simons looked at my scowl and said; “It’ll do you good Emma! Maybe you should try to take a page out of Alice’s book, that might help.”

So I stole Alice’s book tore out a page and held it up. Miss Simons asked what I was doing and I simply replied, “Doing what you told me, taking a page out of Alice’s book.”

I paid for my cheek after the bell by staying in, missing half of lunch. It wasn’t always my fault, it’s like she wanted me to do naughty things, like she was provoking me. And me being sixteen years old and feeling rebellious, took that as my cue and made mischief.

In the last period I sat next to Emily, head rested on my arms and I watched as the clock ticked slowly. It felt like an eternity before the end of the day bell rang. I grabbed my bag and books and waited for Emily, who was taking her own sweet time packing up. She glanced at me and sighed at my enthusiasm to get home. We took our stuff to my house then, believe it or not, studied. She returned home late promising she would see me in the morning.

*** © pips

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