Breaking Through

Sixteen-year-old Emma Marioni has to deal with the day-to-day issues of every teenager plus the complications of a disease. Struggling with commitment with boyfriends and broken friendships while her best friend Emily has it all. See how Emma "breaks through" to find her identity. © pips. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


4. Chapter 4

“Well? What happened?” Em came up to me and punched me in the arm.

I smiled a lop-sided grin. “Um, well all I have to do is spend a lunchtime with the devil herself, but I’ll survive. The principle was surprisingly nice and forgiving, I think he seemed to understand she can be a bit much at times.”

Emily shook her head at me, looking disappointed, the worst look a friend can give.

“What?” I stuttered, wondering what I did wrong.

“Well only, that wasn’t a clever thing to do,”

“Really? You think so?” I said sarcastically.

“I was actually kinda disappointed in you. If you didn’t do it for the attention then what did you do it for? I thought you knew better than that.”

“Unlike you, I’m not perfect. I can’t keep all my emotions under control the whole time, and she was being totally unreasonable!”

“Well for one, I’m not perfect. And two, she was reasonable and you know it.”

I scoffed.

“Ok, Emma, even though you don’t want to admit it. And I know it’s hard. And I know you hate this, but you deserved what you got.” She looked straight into my eyes and I looked away, I did know I deserved it. I hated how she was always right. And she always knew what to say. She was the perfect friend.

“Whatever.” I huffed.

She smiled, knowing that she had got through. She put her arm around my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek.

“Ew gross! Emily slobber!” I scrunched up my nose.

Em laughed and led me to the canteen. We both grabbed the meat lover’s pizza slice and headed out to find a seat.

“Hey! Emma! Emily! Come sit over here!”

Oh my god! It was hunky-spunk-Sam! He was asking us to join him for lunch! We walked over to his table and sat down, my knees feeling weak. Lucky for Emily, Josh was sitting at the same table so she went and sat next to him, leaving me to sit next to Sam. I sat down next to him and he raised his eyebrow in a cute way and smiled the smile that gave me butterflies.

“So I heard about your rebellion in maths today.” He said, seeming impressed.

“Oh god, did you?”

“Yeah! It sounded so brave! You’re so cool, I admire you.”

My eyes widened. He thought I was cool. Not only that but he admired me! He looked into my eyes and we were so close I could see my reflection in his big brown eyes. I looked from his long brown hair that stuck up and curved elegantly around his face to his big cheeky smile. I loved everything about him from the way he walks to the way he floors me every time he smiles at me. He looked down at his feet and I saw him swallow.

He looked back up at me.

“I was wondering, if you were free this weekend.” He asked hopefully.

“What? Oh, yeah I am!” I said stunned.

“Really? Great. I know this great Italian place, and maybe we could catch a movie afterwards.”

“Wow, that sounds great!”

“Ok I’ll pick you up at eight.”

I nodded, blushing slightly. Next Sam got up, put his rubbish in the bin then left the cafeteria. Oh my god! Sam Michaels just asked me out! I still couldn’t believe what had just happened. I could have just screamed! Em and I were walking out, discussing the lunch time drama when Josh came up to her and stole her from my grip. He started kissing her then and there.

The broke away and he said, “See you babe, I’ll be back in two weeks.”

She said “Okay.” Then gave him a flirtatious wave.

“What? Did I miss something? Where’s he going?”

Em turned around and looked at me, “Oh, he’s just going to look after some people at the home for elderly people, they were a bit short of staff so he volunteered. How sweet is he?” she sighed.

I nodded slowly then pulled her into a big bear hug.

“You have a great boyfriend.”

She smiled and agreed.

“But wait! You will too, after this weekend! As long as you don’t stuff it up.”

“Oh god, you’re making me nervous Emyboo!”

“Shut up! And don’t call me that! Only my parents can!” She said playfully.

The day dragged by pretty slowly, but we finally reached the end of the day. I thanked our Geography teacher then headed out. I met up with Em after I had sorted out my bag and locked my locker.

“Hey, how was English?” I asked.

“Oh, you know, rubbish as usual.” She pursed her lips and yawned.

We walked silently through the hallway and out to the bus stop. We sat down on the bench when we realised there was a massive crowd standing in a circle. We both walked over curiously to see what all the fuss was about. In the centre of the circle was Alice, lying on the ground, unconscious. People were just standing there looking at her.

“For goodness sake! Get out the way! And someone call the ambulance!” I screamed.

I knelt down next to her, checking her heartbeat and then turning her on her side. She was still breathing, but only just. I started to panic, not knowing what to do, furious that nobody was helping. Emily seemed to be paralysed; otherwise I knew she would have tried to help. I checked her breathing again, she had stopped almost completely apart from some raspy breaths every minute or so. I was about to try the kiss of life when I heard the ambulance arrive. I was thankful, as I had only ever done the kiss of life once, on a dummy. A medic came over and asked what the problem was, and then he saw Alice and rushed over.

“Have you done anything?” He asked me.

I was confused at first then realised what he meant.

“I just turned her on her side, checked her breathing, which has got progressively worse and was going to try mouth to mouth. Please help her.” I pleaded.

He nodded then conducted the same tests I did, checking her pulse and putting his ear to her mouth. Next he signalled for the other medic to come over with the stretcher. They lifted her onto it with my help then carried her to the ambulance.

“Are you related to this girl?” the lady Medic asked.

“No, but I am her friend.” I said, realising Emily was now at my side.

“Okay, if you could just come to the Hospital with us, and you can come too,” she gestured to Emily.

We hopped in the ambulance sitting next to Alice who was turning pale on the stretcher. I had never been in an ambulance. The whole thing was just starting to sink in and was making me nervous and I started to feel dizzy. I turned pale and fell off my seat.

“Em? EMMA!” I heard someone yell, worriedly.

I tried to call back but I had passed out too.

*** © pips

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