Breaking Through

Sixteen-year-old Emma Marioni has to deal with the day-to-day issues of every teenager plus the complications of a disease. Struggling with commitment with boyfriends and broken friendships while her best friend Emily has it all. See how Emma "breaks through" to find her identity. © pips. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.


12. Chapter 11

That night was a restless one. It wasn’t fair that when everything was perfect it all went downhill. I tried to make the most of everything and find a silver lining in my situation. I had found one; now Tim had T1D I had something that could help us bond and get closer. He seemed to handle it very well, with me there most of the time to watch over him and give tips. I still didn’t understand why he got it. But there was nothing I could do about it, though I hoped that in the future that there would be something that I could do.

My parents, funnily, had planned a family trip to the Gold coast, just a little bit away from where Emily was staying. Maybe I could visit her and persuade her parents to stay.

My brother was coming with us for the holiday, of course. I had to get ready for our holiday and to see my big bro. I missed him so much, seeing as he was now at Uni. We were only going for a week and a half so I packed accordingly, because we were going to do some washing while we were over there. I picked up some books and decided I was going to read the Harry Potter series again. I started to imagine a nice day on the beach reading my books and people watching. People watching was a newfound favourite hobby and bonding time for my mum and me, it was really fun. My dad had also promised us that we could have a day at a spa. I was so excited that, momentarily, I forgot about all my problems.

I heard a car pull in to the driveway and pounded down the stairs, Charlie was home at last! I saw his silhouette through the door and opened the door as soon as he was next to it. He jumped a little bit and smiled.

“Hey Ems! I should have known.” He laughed and pulled me into a one armed hug. I took his bag off him and rushed it to his bedroom, which was downstairs unlike the other bedrooms. I popped the bag on his extra tall, hand-made desk and galloped out. I called out to my parents that Charlie was home again and they came out to greet him. We were leaving for the Coast early next morning, so we had time to hear about all Charlie’s new Uni stories and bond. After dinner we all sat down in the movie room and put on ‘Die Hard’. It was nice to have the crew back together again. When the movie was over Charlie challenged me to a game on Injustice. I played my favourite character; Green arrow and he played Aquaman. I beat him in six out of ten games. Afterwards I said goodnight to everybody and went upstairs. I pulled out my phone and dialled Tim’s number. He picked up on the third ring.

“Hey babe.”

“Hey are you feeling? Is my Timmy feeling better?”

“Yeah I’m getting there. My mum put me down for an insulin pump today. We thought it was a good idea seeing how much you love it. I really can’t thank you enough for helping me through this. They are discharging me in two days. I’m so excited. I’ll get to see my babe.” I could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Oh. That’s great Tim. Only I forgot to tell you one thing. I’m going to the Coast tomorrow morning,” I heard him sigh, “But I get back in a week and a half so we can meet up then. I’m sorry I can’t see you before then.”

“Right. That’s ok. I’ll hang out with Brendan a bit I guess, although he’s not much of a talker. Ah well. Oh, I just thought, if you are going anywhere near Emily you can talk to her and her parents about moving.”

I laughed and I heard Tim ask why I was laughing.

“Well that’s exactly what I was thinking! We are so similar. We must have a mental connection.”

He laughed and told me we must have.

“I have to go sweetie. Talk soon okay. Love you.”

“Ok. Love you too.” I said. I waited for Tim to hang up and I put my phone down after I heard several beeps. We were so perfect together; I had this strange feeling that we were made for each other. Although I didn’t believe in that sort of thing, we just kind of, fit. I put on my headphones and played some relaxation music and fell asleep, head clear.


The next morning was very chaotic, with everyone bustling around trying to pack things last minute. I made sure the previous night that I had packed everything so I didn’t have to rush. I simply made some pancakes for breakfast and put the extras in the oven for the others. After we had all breakfasted and packed, we bundled into the car and drove off to the airport to catch our plane. We checked in and waited for our plane to be ready for us. We boarded and got ready for take off. I loved taking off, but I hated flying. I had watched too many of those airplane-crash shows. Short distance flights were okay though, but the long-winded ones freaked me out.

We raced down the runway and I stared out the window, watching the scenery grow smaller and smaller by the second. I looked out until the buildings, cars and people looked like they could fit into your pocket. My view was obscured when we ascended above the clouds. They looked so fluffy and soft. It was a relatively short flight and before I knew it we had arrived in sunny Queensland. I blinked at the sudden flash of lights in my eyes and scrunched up my nose. I felt my mum poke my nose and I smirked at her in response. We disembarked from the plan and hobbled down the stairs. Once we had checked into our hotel I went to the balcony with my book and read, half watching the ocean flow backwards and forwards.


After a couple hours mum declared she was going for a walk. I sprang out of my chair and rushed to put my flip-flops on. I gleamed at her and she asked if anyone else wanted to come. We wandered out to the beach, which was literally only twenty metres away. I jumped and ran on the beach like a little kid. I started to draw signature drawings in the sand with my feet. That was kind of a tradition with me. We walked down the beach until we got bored, and then went off the beach to browse at the shops a little. When we returned the boys were hungry so we went out for lunch. The next day I asked if I could see Emily and my mum told me to ask Emily. I did and I got all the details about where she was staying, which only happened to be five minutes away. Perfect.

I got to her hotel and knock on the door. I saw an eye through the peephole and the door opened.

“Ah Emma! It’s nice to see you.” Sally said. She called out to Emily and she came rushing to the door. We hugged and told Sally we would take a walk on the beach.

“You can’t move Emily. I need you, and you won’t like it here.” I stated blankly.

“I don’t really have a choice, I told you that before.”

I grabbed my phone and Facetimed Tim.

“Hey guys.” He said. “I’m glad you called Emma. I had something to ask Emily. Emily, if you don’t want to move then you can stay.”

“What? No I can’t, my parents are selling the house.”

“Well as it happens my old brother wants a roommate. I told him about your case and he said that you could stay with him! But obviously you’d have to ask your parents seeing as they would be so far away from you. But you are old enough to start looking after yourself and at least my brother would be there to look out for you.”

We gasped and exchanged a glance. I told Tim to hang on. I put him on hold and Emily and I ran hand in hand back to ask her parents.

We got back out of breath and ran into the apartment. We told Sally and John about the plan and they told us they would have to talk. We waited patiently for them to come back and they sat down again.

“We have discussed it and we think it is rushed. But if this is what you really want we could maybe make an exception. And your dad and I have talked a bit, although Queensland is really nice; we want to move to Sydney instead. That’s only two hours drive away so we could come down and visit you all the time. What do you think?” Sally said.

We looked at each other, grabbed each other and jumped up and down squealing.

“I take that as a yes.” John laughed.

I whipped out my phone and texted Tim the great news. He told us he would tell his brother and said that Emily was right to move in whenever the best time for her was.

After spending some more time with Emily, I asked my mum to pick me up and we drove back to the apartment. The week went so quickly and the day spa was just so nice and relaxing. After a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing holiday we made our way back to Canberra. To be honest, I thought that Emily’s parents agreed really quickly, my parents would never have let me live somewhere completely different to them. But I guess Em’s parents were cool and chill like that. Not saying that I would want to move away from my family so quickly anyway.


It was the end of the year. A lot had happened through it all. I felt all the bad things that had happened had made me a much better person. I had lots more life experience. A week later we received our report cards and test results. I was so shocked and pleased with mine. I finished in the ninety-eighth percentile.

“Year Eleven next year Emmy! You up for it?” Tim challenged. He was out of hospital and travelling well at that stage. His life was almost back to normal. Well as normal as it could be with diabetes. It was hard work and the fatigue had obviously made affect on him.

“Yeah I guess so. At least I have you to help me get through it right?”

“Ye-“ Tim started.

“Actually,” my mum cut him off, “There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you about. Seeing as you got such great grades I was thinking of enrolling you in a better school that is a little pricier. For your last two years. Emily said she is going there, because her parents prefer that school and it was always their plan to move her in year eleven. What would you think to that?”

I looked over to Tim. “I guess. But as long as Tim could join too.”

My mum shook her head. “Unfortunately he couldn’t. This school is an all girls school.”

I always wanted to go to an all girls school when I was younger. I thought it would be good without boys, they were such a distraction. But now I had a boyfriend they were no longer a distraction anyway. Then again I wasn’t really happy in my currant school. The teachers were really bad and most of the students there weren’t the best. To be honest the only kids I actually liked there were Tim and Emily. The people in my group were alright but we weren’t besties. It was such a hard choice. I had to pick between my best friend and my boyfriend. Of course it wasn’t as if I’d see the other one outside of school. I guessed it was time for a new start. I think Tim felt it because his head dropped.

I lifted Tim’s head and looked in his eyes. “Tim, I’m sorry. You know that I don’t really like this school that much. I think it is time for a fresh start for me. You only live across the road, it’s not as if I won’t visit you, we’ll still hang out. You are still my boyfriend.” I turned to mum. “I think I would like to check out this school at least, before I make up my mind. But yes, I like the sound of that.”

My mum smiled at me and walked off.

“Oh, ok then. That was random. She just walked off…” I said to Tim.

He merely shrugged and leant his head against my shoulder.

Mum walked back into the room with her hands behind her back. She looked excited.

“I thought it would be nice to spend some quality time with the Stevens family this Christmas. I’ve already asked Tim’s parents and they think it’s a good idea. I was thinking of going on a trip to Hawaii for two weeks! What do you two think of that idea?”

Tim and I looked at each other. I jumped up and hugged mum.

“Oh my gosh that would be amazing! That sounds so exciting! Wow!”

“Thank you so much Sarah, I’m sure it will be really fun! Especially if we get to know each other a bit more.” He winked at mum. She laughed and slapped him lightly on the arm.

We laughed and talked longer. It was peaceful. I would never forget this year. It had been amazing. I was so happy. I guess that no matter what happens, you learn to appreciate the good and bad and the big and little. I wasn’t going to pretend that everything was easy and that you’ll get what you want all the time. No, that would be a lie. You had to try your best and be a soldier when life got you down. Tough it, because better days are to come. I was proof of that. My whole year had started off really badly, but here I am now. And I had never felt better. In the end I was glad that I never gave up. I learnt how to break through, but only because I had help from the most amazing people. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.

© pips

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