Long lasting love

This is Just going to be Entries of Things that Happen with me and My boyfriend.


4. the First hug.

Well let's first talk about the First ever hug which is before we started dating, I was walking to school with my two best friends. It only takes us about ten minutes from where we all live so it was a very short walk, we got to school and made our way across the basketball court realising we still had twenty minutes before class starts, so we decides to just walk around school until then.

The night before that say Brenton and promised me he would hug me for ten seconds. And I said don't worry about counting I'll just hug you quickly. But that didn't work out. As I was walking around he ran up to me and Hugged me and started counting out loud to ten, I wish it had of gone for longer or something, but that ten seconds managed to brighten up my whole day and make me so happy I got butterflies.

After he let go he smiled and said "gotta go" and walked off back to his friends, his voice melted my heart. It was so Amazing for just a simple hug.

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