Long lasting love

This is Just going to be Entries of Things that Happen with me and My boyfriend.


1. Myself.

Hey, I'm Lauren

I'm 15

And I'm Australian

My Name is Lauren Cooper, I was born in Australia. and as I said I'm 15 years old. And the past 14 months I've been In a relationship with My boyfriend.

Since I was 13 I've had social anxiety and severe depression. I have had counselling, and I have tried to commit suicide multiple times. A while ago I was on Very Strong Anti depressants but now I'm not. I have self harmed a lot. And I still am self harming to this day.

I'm ok with school. I'm very strong in my History topics. And I'm very weak with Maths. (But that's kind of common with people.)

My hobbies are general things like Skateboarding, Tennis, Bike Riding, Football, Bass Guitar ect.

I believe I spend way to much time on the internet. Generally on tumblr so I can let out my emotions out. And also too much Facebook.

I'm ok with English and writing so I should be Ok with writing all this. But if not just tell me so I can improve. Sometimes I'll Just write things that Happen with my boyfriend but I think I might start a story on it from when it all began. I've basically began writing this because I want to let my emotions out through writing rather then harming myself.

I hope you all enjoy my writing and thank you for reading, please comment and share. ~L

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