Long lasting love

This is Just going to be Entries of Things that Happen with me and My boyfriend.


2. My Boyfriend.

Brenton Cox.

14 years Old


Brenton is my Boyfriend.

He's completely perfect in every single way.

He used to have the softest long Chestnut Colour hair but we both shaved our hair off for cancer. He has hazel eyes you just get completely lost in. He has the sweetest heart, He's tall and shy, but it's a cute kind of shy. His personality is Compelling and So completely perfect. Yes he can make me upset a lot but I upset him to.

He plays football which is amazing because football players just warm my heart. He's so athletic and so confident when it comes to football, it's almost like when he gets out on the field he just loses all feelings for a while. He Sweeps me off my feet when he plays. He's just such an amazing player. He plays For a team that is one of the best In the state I live in. (Victoria). Which is Trying to get him into the Australian Football League(AFL).

He deserves to make it into AFL.

He has everything in common with me. he likes a lot of things, same music and everything. We like Punk rock and Screamo and all. No BOTDF though haha.

He has the weirdest habits. Things like making random Noises, Dancing at weird times. Kissing me Weirdly. And just little awkward things.

He's generally a very happy person. Always smiling, always has something to laugh about. He is very Immature though. he just loves spreading happiness around to everyone.

Brenton is Just amazing.

A/N: I'll start writing things soon I promise :)

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