Long lasting love

This is Just going to be Entries of Things that Happen with me and My boyfriend.


3. How it all began.

It all Started a few days before we started dating


I was just laying in bed that night talking to Brenton. As usual he was Bragging about his Girlfriend Kate. He always talked about her. And when we weren't he would always relate it back to her. She lives In America and He's in Australia but they apparently loved each other which I honestly think is a bit weird. He always talked about how they were going to get married and how many Kids they were going to have.

I only really started Talking to Brenton cause he used some Cheesy Pick up line on me and Said merry Christmas to me. we were kind of best friends ever since. I declared us as best friends anyway. He saved my life. I was about to commit suicide and he stopped me. He cared for me and made me feel better about myself as a person.

I developed feelings for him way before we even started talking I was kind of like a stalker. I would walk past Him at school and watch him. Then they got even stronger. Which I thought was wrong because he had a girlfriend. So I tried to push them away but it was impossible they wouldn't leave. He always seemed to send me things like "Would you ever date me" and things like that. Which he says were hints indicating he liked me. But I never picked up on them.

Then he admits he really likes me and he has for a while and that he's only dating this girl because he didn't think he would ever get me. Because he thought I was too out of his league and too perfect for him

Mind you this girl is completely gorgeous and perfect in like a thousand different ways. Her name is Katharine and she's Got perfect blonde hair. Gorgeous blue eyes and the most amazing voice. She has a thin and stunning body and Plays Volleyball I think ? I don't know if she still does that. She also surfs which happens to be Brentons favourite thing. Why. Does he want me over her ?

They only dated for just under a month but still.

But my heart almost broke out of my chest when he told me, I was so happy he liked me. He explained it all to his Girlfriend and they Broke up it was hard for him but he believed he made the right choice going with me. And I hope he never regrets it because I ruined their relationship and it kills me a lot that I did. a few days later he was mine the most perfect boy in the world was mine. And 14 months later he's still mine.

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