Don't Let Go

Kacey Anderson has had a rough ride. Her whole life has been filled with sadness and heartbreak. With most of her family dying in a car crash, she has been forced to grow up independently. Some say that's good, but with no one to love her, who will she be able to fall back on? She thinks her life can't get any worse when she meets the definition of beauty, Quinn. They are everything to one another, but will Kacey end up losing him like everyone else she loves?


2. Going Clubbing

The alarm went off at 7:00 and I rolled out of bed. I had stayed up until 4am making Ally's cake. I reluctantly got out of bed and started getting ready. The party was going to last the whole day. We all were going to break into Ally's house while she was on her morning run and then set up the party and when she gets back we would throw her version of the best birthday ever. That is, eat cake and ice cream, open presents, and then spend the rest of the day goofing around and getting pretty until later at night, when we would do Ally's favorite thing; go to a club, get drunk and hook up with random strangers.

I changed a black tank top with an open button down on top. It black and red in a plaid style. I wore it with jeans and my black high top converse. I brushed my hair and put on a little concealer and lip balm. The only thing I absolutely hated about the way I looked was the scar on my cheek, but I could never cover it up. I checked myself out in the mirror. I didn't look too bad so I grabbed a small purse with my wallet, my phone and my keys in it. I grabbed the wrapped present for Allison as well as the cake and went to my car.

I have a weird taste for cars. I'm not into expensive sport cars like most people, instead i have a cute mini cooper that's a convertible and is painted yellow with black racing stripes on the sides. I loaded the trunk and set off for Ally's house.

It was really sunny today so I rolled down the top. I loved the wind blowing through my hair, but I had to put it up so I could actually see where I was going, but I left my side bangs down. I pulled up to Allison's house and saw that Susan was there with the two twins, Pepper and Sage. Susan was a lot like Ally. She was the kind of person who had went to clubs a lot, got tattoos, worked at any job she could find that didn't require a degree. She was calm but had a lot of 'balls'. I don't mean physical balls, I mean she has courage and bravery. I admire that about her and Ally. The twins however, were the most energetic people on the planet (besides my dead brother, but I guess he's not that energetic now...). They were always happy and I had never seen either of them tired.

I put on the song black and yellow as I pulled up into the driveway and I heard Susan laugh, you know, 'cause my car is black and yellow. I got out of the car and Susan helped me get my stuff and we went inside. The place had already transformed a lot. There were streamers hanging everywhere as well as balloons. There was a huge sign that you could see from the doorway that said "Happy 19th Birthday Allison!" The place already looked great. I went to the kitchen and opened the cake box. The girls gasped when they saw it. "Did you make this?" Pepper asked.

"Yeah, I spent all night working on it." I replied.

"It's beautiful!" Sage squealed and left the room the room along with Pepper. They were kind of like those sweet dumb blondes in movies. Susan came and gave me a hug. "Nice job." Then we fixed up the rest of the house until it was perfect. At about 9:30, people started to pour into the house. We had told them to come early so that we could actually surprise her. They were mostly girls with some guys. We had planned to stay at the house and goof around for awhile and then after a while the guys would leave and the girls would go shopping and get makeovers. But only Susan, Pepper, Sage and I were going with Ally to the club tonight.

At 9:55, we heard footsteps at the door step and we all hid behind furniture. The moment she opened the door and flipped the light switch, we all jumped out and some of us yelled surprise while the rest yelled happy birthday. Then she started laughing and I came to give her a hug. "Happy Birthday!" I said.

"Thanks, Virgin Bitch." I pulled her in for another hug. We each had nicknames for each other. Hers was Hooker and mine was Virgin Bitch. They were pretty self explanatory. Hers was hooker because she randomly had sex with guys for no reason and mine was Virgin Bitch because, well, I had never done it before.

She went to greet everyone else and then we pulled out the cake and ice cream. We sang the traditional happy birthday and then we all settled down for present giving. There were a lot of things like gift cards, makeup, etc. from people who didn't know her very well. Then Pepper and Sage gave her a set of jewelry that were made with fake emeralds because emeralds were her birthstone and she loved the color green. She had actually been wanting that exact set for a while. Then I gave her a bottle of her favorite whiskey, and her smile grew wide at the sight of it. Susan decided to give her a kind of joke present yet somewhat useful for her. "5 pack of condoms-jumbo size." Then we all let out a collective laugh. "You'll be needing those where we're going." Susan said as we laughed again.

We finally finished the cake and then the guys left and we girls went to the mall for makeovers and for dress shopping. We went to some typical dress stores and most of the girls picked out something gorgeous. Eventually, Pepper found a blue dress that went to the middle of her thighs which matched her eyes. Of course, Sage picked out the same one. Susan found a short black dress that was made of satin. I still hadn't found anything so we moved onto the next store. Ally finally found a magenta dress that was sparkly and off the shoulder. I walked around a bit and then it hit me. A beautiful satiny red dress that went to my knees. It was strapless and fitted until my waist, which then came out in flowy red waves. I grabbed it and went to try it on. It fit like a dream. When I walked in it, it looked like I was fire itself.

We moved on to the shoe store where everyone picked up some nice stilettos, or something. I wasn't satisfied. Instead I moved on to where the boots were and found some black combat boots that were sort of stylish. I tried them on and it made me look like a rebel, because I was a sort of tomboy, so it would suit my style. We finally got our makeovers and afterwards, everyone looked stunning, even if they weren't that pretty before (myself included). I had gone for a rebel look. I had some basic stuff like concealer and foundation put on and then got winged eyeliner. I had fake lashes put on and curled all of my lashes and then they were coated in a nice mascara. I actually looked really nice. We all finished and by that time it was already 6:00. We got a quick bite to eat and then headed to the club.

I was in my dress and boots and my makeup looked good. My hair was down but it was in curls. I had also applied some red lipstick to go with my dress. The five of us found a table and ordered some drinks. It wasn't until a few minutes later when I noticed him there. We all did. We were staring at the hottest guy ever, and I knew who it was. It was Quinn.


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