A bi-autiful love story

A boy-ish girl who likes rock music and maybe wears the color black too often, from Denmark, named Lea. Girly girl who likes sparkly stuff and loves the color pink endlessly, from Germany, Jenna.

Lea and Jenna have been in a long-distance relationship for about 6 months and it's now time for them to meet each other, how will this end up?


1. A bi-autiful love story

"Ugh, the weather here in Denmark is so shitty!" Lea yelled as she woke up to the sound of rain and her mother and sister arguing for the third time and it was only 7am. Lea didn't struggle this time by getting up, she even put on a pair of black jeans, a tank top and a cardigan as the first thing. "Lea! Hurry up, your grandfather are coming to pick you up soon and I suppose that you want to have makeup on before you're leaving!", Lea hurried to the bathroom discovering that her 12 year old littlesister was singing a One Direction song while taking a shower, Lea knocked endlessly many times on the door "asshole! I'll get picked up in about an hour! Hurry up!". She went to the kitchen and her mother had made some breakfast for her: bread with cheese and a glass of orange juice, she took the plate and the glass, walked into her room, turned on Fall Out Boy's new album Save Rock And Roll and began eating the bread and drinking the juice while trying to sing along to The Phoenix, as much as she could while having her mouth stuffed with food. Her littlesister was now done showering so Lea ran into the bathroom, putted on beige eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, mascara and eyeliner. She heard her grandfather's car so she took her baggage and out the door she was. "Germany! Jenna! I'm on my way!"

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