Pretty Hurt

Luke hesistate before he said."Can i ask you something?" i shrug. "Would you rather be famous than staying with me?"
When Nova have everything... will she turn Harry and Luke down .. for the sake of fame?


3. You're a pretty girl

Click,click,click. Website after website being open as Nova surf her way through the internet. Through out her 'history' , the word 'super model' appear every once in a while. She glance at the clock that was hanging on the pale blue wall, next to the One Direction and 5 Second of Summer poster. 7: 25 am. She been on the laptop for 25 minutes now but still she did not find what she was looking for. A loud knock on her door startle Nova a little .

"Nova, time to get up  now!" Mae Kinson said firmly on the other side. Even though it was quite early in Nova's point of view in reality it was different .  The last time she look at the clock was an hour ago. 'Will she ever leave me alone?' Nova thought. Afraid not.After 5 minutes of banging on the door, the most awful thing happen...

"Why did you do that!" Nova scream with anger and slam her  note book screen shut. Mae had turn off the internet( which i might say is the worst she could do!). She let out a soft smirk and make her way to Nova's bed room again. She turn the gold (no not real gold, just the colour) knob and open the oak door. There sitting on her bed with her leg cross and red face is Nova.

"Well good morning to you too my dear"Mae chuckle.

"I wouldn't say its good but what does it matter?" Nova reply with little to zero emotion. Mae watch her silently with concern. Finally she look away. Mae had so much to ask Nova but she was scare. Scare that she will ask too much and Nova will run away.Especially after..

"what do you want?" Nova break the silence with a question.

"You have to go to school nova, if you don't start to prepare your self i'll have to sent you to the academy" Mae reply. Peterson Private Academy for Girl. Nova rolled her eyes and stood up . She turn to look at Mae before making her way to the bathroom.

15 min later

Nova pov

Don't take too long Nova, don't eat cake before breakfast Nova. Gosh! Seriously, how many rule are there! The clock is ticking but this car is not moving any faster than it is right now. The radio in the car is broken as well. Hella awkward ride. Suddenly MY phone ring. The song ' Disconnect' play. It must be be Rosie. I glance at Mae, my 'guardian, she is not looking back which mean i can answer it.

"Nova Nova guess what!" she scream into the phone. Great now i had 2 bad ears instead of one.

"What?!" i said with out guessing. I mean who does?

"qwwhduinrwoy" She said really fast.

"Say it again"

" I got ...i got.. oh my god!" Can she breathe?

"Got what?"  This time i was getting a bit angry. No sorry, annoy.

" i got my tickets for One direction and guess who coming?" Oh my god. Is it me? It must be me, why else would she call

" Locky!" Right there at that momment i could swore my face was red. She got 2 tickets and she gave it to her boyfriend! WTF!

"And you tell me for what exactly?"

"Umm.. i dunno" And the awkward silence return.

"Bye Nova i talk to you in class" Just as the line finish, Mae park the car. Without hesitation, i get out and walk toward a nervouse Rosabell and an annoyed Lockland. Notice how i don't say their nick name. Rosabell smile. Oh just you wait Rosabell.



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