Pretty Hurt

Luke hesistate before he said."Can i ask you something?" i shrug. "Would you rather be famous than staying with me?"
When Nova have everything... will she turn Harry and Luke down .. for the sake of fame?


8. What you wear is all that matters

After lunch was career transition . Superb (please do read that in a sarcastic tone). Once again the teacher is late, giving Nova sometime to reapply her make up. Not that she ever need it.

"Quiet down you little moron!" Ms Farrant yells as she hurried in the room. Half of the class is missing, not blaming them. If Nova could do it she would but then Mae would band her from everything.

"Your assessment this week will base entirely on your job and the management's review " She scan the classroom swiftly before taking out a pile of paper  from her oversize hand bag. The remaining class member softly groan. Great more work just what everyone of them want. Not!

"Now when i call your names out go sit with your work partner" Soon she began to read out sequence of name.

After what seem like and hour Nova name got called out,

"Nova Kinson and Sumeya Pink" As soon as she pronounce Sumeya nearly spills out her drink. Nova and Sumeya never actually work together but they never like each other on the first place. Sumeya is a very popular girl but she was also down to earth. And then there is Nova. Since She knew Nova is going to come to her, she go to Nova instead

Ms Farrant hand every pair a piece of paper. Sumeya read it then past it to Nova. Sorry lets rephrase that ,Nova snatch it from her when she's about to hand it to her.

"Peterson Stadium, assistance" She read it softly to her self. Then it hit her. Peterson Stadium, One Direction, 5 second of summer , concert.  She smile slightly.

"Well Sumeya and Nova off you go!!!" Ms Farrant scream. Jesus are you on your period or something? Together the two walk out of the class room and make their way out side the school.

Except there is one small problem..

"Do you know where you are going?" Sumeya ask and trying to catch up with Nova. Whose you could say is a bit lost.

"Ofcourse i do. Why? Is your too expensive shoes can't handle the hard concrete?" Nova replied and glance back at her. 

"Are you sure cause we meant to be at Crossburn street by now"  Sumeya ask again but this time she was not so far behind.

"Would you just shut..........." BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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