Pretty Hurt

Luke hesistate before he said."Can i ask you something?" i shrug. "Would you rather be famous than staying with me?"
When Nova have everything... will she turn Harry and Luke down .. for the sake of fame?


10. The pain away

The snow. It was falling for so long,it's now frozen still.The light . it's rays attack my eyes. Slowly i got up.

"Hello" A voice pop ups behind me. I turn around. It was a girl around 19 or so.

"Hi, where.." i began to ask while I was still a little dizzy. She smile lazily.

"Don't worry , its not your funeral yet" the the next thing I heard was people yelling.


"She'll come around soon"

"See she's fine" Whose voice is this? Why can't i move? Tiredly i open up my eyes. The vision is alittle burly.

"This is all your guys fault!" Well that's definitely Sumeya's. Slowly my vision came into focus.

"Hey girl and boys back away" Oh my gaga. This is not happening. No way. It's them, Luke from 5 sos and is that Zayn?

"Lovely isn't he?" a voice i recognize pop up beside me. It's the same girl. Her eyes were starring at Luke. Now that i looked at her carefully i realized. It's April Maxine.

"April?" I ask. She turns to me and gives the same smile. It is her, Luke's girlfriend that dies..from a stroke, funny enough her body were never found.

"Even in the after life people still know me" she laughs. Wait.. what did she say?

"What do you mean 'afterlife'?" She tilted her head.

"Don't worry about it" With that she disappear. I felt a touch on my arm.

"How are you feeling Ms.." A man in white cloak , i suppose was the doctor, ask me.

"Kingston, i feel um..."

"Speechless?" Sumeya finish my sentence for me. I nod.

"What happen?" i found my self ask. It was in such a blur that i hardly catch anything.

"Well their tour bus nearly took your life out of you" Sumeya answer and pointing at Zayn.

"Stop with the point" he replied and rolled his eyes. Luke just stand there awkwardly.

" It didn't really crashed in to you, it's just. Well push you over" Luke explain to me.

"Any how, you shall be better in a few days" the doctor said and exit the room. Sumeya shouted and run after  him.

"I'm not paying for this"  I glare at her. Really sumeya? Zayn walk to me.

" We'll arrange something, don't worry" He smile and exit the room. Luke awkwardly did the same.

Great now its just me and me. Then there was a knock on the door.




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