Pretty Hurt

Luke hesistate before he said."Can i ask you something?" i shrug. "Would you rather be famous than staying with me?"
When Nova have everything... will she turn Harry and Luke down .. for the sake of fame?


9. Just another stage.

Aloud BANG sound echoed in Nova's head. For a few second, she froze in her spot.

“Now I’ll shut up” Sumeya chuckle and collect her sneaker that hit Nova on the head. She led Nova to the correct path and soon enough they were where they supposed to be. Slowly they approach the office section of the stadium. Grabbing the paper tightly in her hand, she (Sumeya) walks toward one of the worker with Nova trailing behind her.

“Sorry, do you have a moment”

“Sorry. Do you have a moment? "Nova mocks her voice. The worker turns around and gave the best smile he could afford.

“How may I help you?” He shifts his eyes from Sumeya to Nova then back again.

“Hi, I well we are here for the job experience thing” Sumeya trail off the last bit of her speech. The worker was puzzled for a second when it hit him.

“Oh that... Um you guys actually start tomorrow in the backstage” he said calmly.

“So we walk all the way here for nothing?” Nova half shouted at the man.

“Keep your attitude down Nova” Sumeya whisper.

“Sorry, I thought we were her for a job experience not for being nice!” she replied rather sarcastically. The worker shrugs and walks off.

“Oh no you didn’t…” before she could finish her sentence, Sumeya grab her arm and walk outside. She was furious about Nova's attitude that she didn't here the loud BEEP and people shouting. "Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The bus crashed into Nova and drag her away.

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