Pretty Hurt

Luke hesistate before he said."Can i ask you something?" i shrug. "Would you rather be famous than staying with me?"
When Nova have everything... will she turn Harry and Luke down .. for the sake of fame?


1. Intro

Nova KInson dream was always too far fetch, that's what everyone been telling her.A super model? You got to be kidding. But its always been her dream but a dream without a plan is just a wish. Years she been practicing in front of the mirror , imagining what it will be like. She was gorgeous inside and out but the plan she have will change the inside beauty. 

One Direction was going to come to Nova's city to perform their tour.It seem to be like a routine for them now. Wake up, get ready,eat,rehearse,greet,perform,greet ,sleep and the next day it start over again. Pretty boring and tired eh? Then it all about to change when the tour bus nearly run over Nova.

Join one direction for the tour is 5 second of summer . A new band sailing the world with one direction.Will chaos stat when the 2 lead singer from both band falling for her? or will she take advantage of it and broke their heart?

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