The Switch

When queen bee Caitlyn Williams is told she's failing and might not graduate the teachers make a deal with her. She would get enough extra credit to graduate...if she does "the switch". The switch is a school tradition where a student is picked to "switch" social groups, to blend the school. This year Caitlyn is picked to switch with the "emo" kids, the one she and her friends bully. She thinks it will be hell but when she meets Rarity Storm and her friends her opinion starts to change. They go through fights, friendships and Rarity might just teach Caitlyn that looks aren't everything. Friendships will be formed in unlikely places and enemies will be made. Find out more in The Switch.


1. Prologue:

My smile hides the loneliness and my attitude hides my insecurities. All my supposed friends just want me for my popularity and money.

I often wonder if I have any true friends, if I ever had any. My answer is always, no. No I have never had one true friend, but that's the cost of popularity right?

My name is Caitlyn Taylor and I am the most popular girl at Timberwood high school. All the boys want me and all the girls want to be me. This is the story of my senior year and how I got "switched".


Hi lovelies,

Let me know what you guys think. Should I continue with this story?

Should I not?

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