The Switch

When queen bee Caitlyn Williams is told she's failing and might not graduate the teachers make a deal with her. She would get enough extra credit to graduate...if she does "the switch". The switch is a school tradition where a student is picked to "switch" social groups, to blend the school. This year Caitlyn is picked to switch with the "emo" kids, the one she and her friends bully. She thinks it will be hell but when she meets Rarity Storm and her friends her opinion starts to change. They go through fights, friendships and Rarity might just teach Caitlyn that looks aren't everything. Friendships will be formed in unlikely places and enemies will be made. Find out more in The Switch.


4. Chapter 3: From Bitchy to Witchy

Rarity's POV:

"I can't stand that damn barbie" I thought as I leaned against her overly expensive car. She and her friends were always bullying me and my friends and here I was going to make her over. Ugggghhh this could not get any worse.

I wiped the annoyed look on her face and put on a blank face. my fake smirk turned into a real one when I saw how pissed she looked to see me. "Maybe this will be more fun than I originally thought" an evil smile playing on my lips.

Caitlyn's POV:

As we walked into Hot Topic I felt judgmental stares coming from all directions. With my shoulders held high I ignored them and kept following Rarity to the back of the store where I could see her friends gathered. The looks I was getting made me want to crawl in a hole. I guess now I know what it's like for them.

Rarity went up and hugged each of them greeting them in a warm way. My friends would never do that, we didn't hug. We did little air kisses but that's it.

I stood awkwardly behind them as the all adamantly talked about music and cool cloths that they saw walking in.

Rarity just seemed to remember I was here because she shushed her friends and her face grew cold. "So I wanted you to come here because I have a project for us." One of her friends, a petite pink haired girl noticed me standing there awkwardly and said "what's she doing here." All their heads snapped in my direction practically giving me whiplash.

"That's what the project is. Caitlyn here was picked to do the switch and was out in our group. Today's makeover day." They all glared at her and said why didn't you tell us?

She gave a sheepish smile and said "because I knew you wouldn't come if I did, forgive me?"

They all sighed and nodded agreeing to help make me over.

"Yay! alright get shopping and meet back here in fifteen" Rarity said with an excited face. They all nodded and scattered throughout the store. She grabbed my arm dragging my to a rack of dark cloths. "This is going to be a long day" I thought looking at Rarity's already filling arms.




An hour later I've finished trying on all the cloths, payed for them and now am on my way to Rarity's house to get my hair cut and dyed. I shiver just thinking about my beautiful blonde locks getting slathered in dye. At least she was letting me pick the color.

We pulled up to a cute suburban house and walked in. It was very homey feeling compared to my huge house that was always devoid of people. As I followed her up the stairs to what I assume was her bedroom, I looked at the many pictures covering the walls.

Some were of Rarity and a little girl and some with other family members. What shocked me was that there was a picture of Rarity and her friends hanging right next to a family picture.

It saddened me that I barely even met my friends parents let alone have a picture of us hanging in there homes.

I shook the unwanted thoughts out of my head and rushed up the rest of the stairs.

We stopped in front of a black door that was covered in posters of scary looking people with tattoos and piercings. She looked at me giving me a look I didn't understand before opening the door. She tossed her bag in the corner and pulled off her shoes leaving me standing in the door way.

"Well aren't you going to come in" she said sassily.

I walked in to find that her room reflected her personality...weird. She had three dark red walls that were covered in pictures, ticket stubs, wrist bands, and posters. The other wall was black and had the quote " you laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you all the same" written in big silver letters.

Her bed was black with fairy lights entangled in the headboard. There were little stuffed animals that looked like skeletons sitting on her bed making it look creepy. across from there was a closet filled with black cloths and there were other weird things scattered about the room.

She looked pissed I was judging her room but I just shrugged and gave a small fake smirk. She huffed and then went into her bathroom, which surprise was black. This time instead of red it was paired with a dark plum color.

When she opened the cabinet above the sink my mouth literally dropped open at the amount of hair dye she had. It covered all three shelves and were in all different colors.

"Pick one" she said simply.

I looked until I saw a bright hot pink and said "this one". She sighed already assuming what I would pick and grabbed it off the shelve.

"Sit down" she ordered, "lets get started."

She grabbed the scissors and a chunk of my hair and before I could protest cut off a chunk of my blonde locks.

I almost cried at the sight of the pieces falling to the floor.

She cut for awhile until she got the shape she wanted and the started with the dye. A few hours later I learned my struggling was for nothing as I saw the pink water go down the drain. She blow dried, straightened and teased my hair until it was "emo enough".

The process wasn't as bad as I thought. We were civil and made small talk here and there. If anyone saw us they'd think we actually like each other... Yea right.

After awhile of hair pulling she did my makeup and made me change into some of my new cloths. She finally let me see and when I turned around I saw a different person.

She had on a band tee and skinny jeans with bracelets going up and down her arms. Dark makeup covered her face and her hair was blonde and pink teased in all different directions.

"I guess this is the new me" I thought sadly.

I literally went from bitchy to witchy.

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