The Switch

When queen bee Caitlyn Williams is told she's failing and might not graduate the teachers make a deal with her. She would get enough extra credit to graduate...if she does "the switch". The switch is a school tradition where a student is picked to "switch" social groups, to blend the school. This year Caitlyn is picked to switch with the "emo" kids, the one she and her friends bully. She thinks it will be hell but when she meets Rarity Storm and her friends her opinion starts to change. They go through fights, friendships and Rarity might just teach Caitlyn that looks aren't everything. Friendships will be formed in unlikely places and enemies will be made. Find out more in The Switch.


3. Chapter 2: In bed with the Enemy

Caitlyn's POV:

"What!!! You can't possibly be serious" I screamed in a whiny voice. They both looked calm, faces remaining blank even though I probably just blew their eardrums. "It's going to be for rest of the school year not including half of the last semester" The principal explained.

"You will have to submerge in their culture. You'll change your cloths, hair, music and attitude. Rarity Storm will be taking you to get a makeover after school, so meet with her to coordinate the times and such. If you have any other questions please ask myself or any of your other teachers. You may head to your next class. Have a good rest of the day." He said smiling like he won the lottery.

I solemnly got up and dragged my feet to the door heading for the next class. I can't wait until lunch where I can tell the girls of the deal I made. I feel like I signed over my soul. I shook off the thought. "You can do this Caitlyn" I thought giving myself a bit of confidence.




It's now lunch and I can't stop thinking about the makeover I'm to get after school. It's going to be hell that bitch is going to ruin me.

I look for Amber and Ash as I walk into the lunchroom and spot them already at our table. I go and get a salad from the cafeteria and power walk over to the girls. When I'm a few feet away I feel myself falling to the ground, my tray flying into the air. I look around to find a nerd sprawled out on the floor a few feet away.

I get up dusting off my skirt and walked up to him with a dangerous stride. He was a scrawny boy with pale skin and chin length black hair. He had wide blue eyes that were filled with emotion, currently fear and had a lower lip piercing.

"What the hell, what was that for you nerd? You tripped me and made me lose my lunch you useless idiot!"

He stammered an apology saying it was an accident. Accident my ass. Whatever, but if you do it again I'm going to make you wish you didn't exist. Little did I know then that he already wished he was dead. He prayed for it at night.

I walked over to my girls and sat down eating some of their lunch that they offered. "So what's new?" Ash asked.

"Well... Igotpickedtodotheswitch" I rushed out. They both gave me a confused look so I said it again slower than before, "I got picked to do the switch." A look of realization flooded their features but was quickly replaced with horror. "Who... are you switching with?" Amber said cautiously already having an idea.

I sighed before saying "the emos" with hatred and slight disgust in my voice.

They both gasped in horror at the thought. "Your joking, ?right?" "You can't possibly be serious. This will ruin you."

"I wish I wasn't" I thought before finishing off the lunch the girls gave me and walking out of the lunchroom.




Today has been hell. It's last period and I've been fidgeting and staring at the clock willing it to slow. I was dreading having to spend time with Rarity Storm and get her little "makeover". It's now friday and come monday I'll look like a total freak.

The bell rang, not seeing Rarity I rushed out if school making a beeline for my car looking over my shoulder to make sure she wasn't there. As I got closer to my car I notice a person leaning up against it. My shoulders slumped as I realized who it was.

There dressed from head to toe in black and covered in leather and spikes is my worse enemy Rarity Storm. She smirked picking up on the fact I was pissed off and said "miss me? You really thought I would miss this?" She chuckled and shook her head. It was silent for a few minutes giving me time to get a good look at her.

She was short, about 5'3 and slim with curves that were peaking out from behind her leather jacket. She had long black hair,that I know was natural, cut in the Typical emo/rocker cut and had big yellow eyes.

Yes, yellow they seem like they'll suck out your soul if you look to long, they had a mixture of colored flecks and where pretty in a demented way. She had a nose, lip and eyebrow piercings along with some covering her ears.

I could see the black ink of a tattoo crawling up her neck and I knew if I could see her arms they would also be covered in the body art. She would be really pretty if she didn't dress how she does. Don't tell the bitch I said so though.

My eyes traveled back up to her face where a smirk was painted onto her lips. My face wrinkled in confusion at what it was for. " Done checking me out?" She said in a smug voice. Realization crossed my face, she thought I was checking her out, I don't bat for that team, nothing against them but I like boys. I burst out laughing, but she just rolled her eyes and waited for me to be done.

After I had my little laugh attack she held out her hand looking at me expectantly. "What?" I asked bluntly. "Give me your keys I'm driving." I reluctantly handed them to her and got in the passenger seat not wanting to get into an argument five minutes in. "Just a heads up my friends are meeting us there to help." I stayed silent and she just sighed.

Ten minutes later we pulled up to the mall and got out and walked to a store I never thought I step foot in... Hot Topic. Lord help me.

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