The Switch

When queen bee Caitlyn Williams is told she's failing and might not graduate the teachers make a deal with her. She would get enough extra credit to graduate...if she does "the switch". The switch is a school tradition where a student is picked to "switch" social groups, to blend the school. This year Caitlyn is picked to switch with the "emo" kids, the one she and her friends bully. She thinks it will be hell but when she meets Rarity Storm and her friends her opinion starts to change. They go through fights, friendships and Rarity might just teach Caitlyn that looks aren't everything. Friendships will be formed in unlikely places and enemies will be made. Find out more in The Switch.


2. Chapter 1: Queen Bee

Caitlyn's POV :

I walked into school my pink heels clacking on the ground with each step. I smoothed out the non-existent wrinkles in my short denim skirt and flowy pink top. I met my girls near my locker getting wolf whistles the entire way.

I put on my signature fake smile as I approached the crowd surrounding my locker. My slim fingers quickly typed in the combination and then I got out my books for the morning. I smiled once again and started gossiping with my two main followers Amber and Ashlyn.

Amber was a pretty redhead with green eyes. She is almost anorexic skinny, and only about 5'4. Today she was sporting a white mini-skirt, with a purple flowy crop top, to top off the look she had on some killer black pumps. Amber was always happy or excited about something. She is literally like sunshine, always smiling. Don't let that fool you though she can be the biggest bitch you'll ever meet, spreading rumors and talking about you behind your back.

Ashlyn tall slender model-like girl that had long carmel hair. She was about 5'9 towering of my 5'7 with her heels. She has chocolate eyes and natural olive skin. I looked over her outfit to see a trendy white shirt tucked into a lime colored skirt, that no one could pull off but her, a black bag and black heels. She was a serious kind of person always taking what anyone said to heart. She started drama on a regular basis and was a slight air-head at times but around Amber and me she always made the funniest jokes. I picked them to be my friends when I first became the "Queen Bee" around here because the were the most genuine when they were around me and didn't cater to my every whim.


We got to first period and quickly got to our seats. I zoned out as they talked about the latest boys they're into. I nodded my head where needed and laughed when I needed to laugh. I am the perfect actor, I thought bitterly to myself. I looked around the room there were some jocks next to us try to get our attention, some nerds in the front and finally Rarity Storm and her group of misfits. I nearly growled as I though of her. She was the only one in the school who didn't worship the ground I walked on and it pissed me off.

She tells me off and is rude and sarcastic, so I make everyone bully her and her weirdo friends. She and her gang are "emo" dressing in weird cloths and listening to weird music. They all have several piercing and Rarity even has tattoos. She the leader and all the outcasts of the school lover her. She's the rebels "Queen Bee" which makes me hate her even more. She notices me staring and blows me a sarcastic kiss winking as she does so. I turn around fuming but go back to listening about the latest hookups that Ash and Ambs were talking about.

Just as Ash was about to say something the math teacher, an old grey-haired women, walked in. She did roll call and then started collecting the homework... that I didn't do. "Awww' shit" I thought this women was like the homework nazi.

"She would surely rip my head off when she finds out I haven't done it" I thought praying to myself that she would be lenient. To my utter surprise she skipped over me instead slipping a note onto my desk.

I shakily unfolded the paper to reveal a short one sentence note written in neat handwriting. " Meet me in the principals office we need to discuss your grade". I broke out in sweats wondering how bad I was failing. I sighed blowing my blonde hair out of my ocean blue eyes, hoping it wasn't to bad.




To say math class was hell would be the understatement of the century. I spent the whole class fidgeting in my seat looking up at the clock waiting for class to end. I decided I would just rush out of class before she could talk to me.

The bell rung and I bolted out of my seat, sprinting for the door. Before I could take the last few steps to freedom, I felt an old wrinkly hand on my forearm. I stayed facing the door until she cleared her throat. I slowly spun around forcing my expression to look confused. " the letter" she said simply. "Oh.... yeah I kind of forgot about that" I said in a sheepish voice adding a smile for good measure.

She rolled her eyes motion me to follow her as she walked out the door and to the principal's office. She walked straight in not knocking and sat down in one of the leather seats. I copied her actions sitting in a seat identical to hers. The principal, Mr. Wayland wasn't here yet so we had to wait.

Ten awkward minutes later he came bustling into the office. Principal Wayland was a short, balding man that for some reason only had on a suit. He was one to make light on awkward situations and would always be the first to crack a joke.

He sat down behind the big desk and stared at me for a minute making me squirm. He cleared his throat "So... Caitlyn, you're failing and with rate you're going you're not going to pass. But since it's only second semester you can turn it around.

You working harder is going to cut it either, we had this conversation last year and you barely passed with a "C". He spoke with a strong authoritative voice. "What can I do?" I spoke. "Well I'm glad you asked"

He said. This time my teacher spoke up her voice slightly smug " I'm sure you know our school's tradition. You have been selected to do the switch with for you will be extra credit points"

"I can do this" I thought. "What group am I switching to?" I asked. They both got and evil smile on their face making me terrified of what they're about to say.

"You're switching to Rarity Storms group" they said in unison.

And with that sentence my perfect world came crumbling down around me.

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