Somebody Else

Justin Bieber and Kimberly Cruz have a past. Justin used to be her boyfriend till he cheated with her best friend. Every day justin calls her and tells her he was drunk and he's sorry. But she can't trust him. She's gone. . She left him. For somebody else. Will they mend their relationship? Will she let her walls down? Read to find out. ( Justin isn't famous )


10. Why did I trust you

Justin and I have been dating for 4 months now and I'm not happy. He yells at me accuses me of cheating and once he even slapped me. It's been hell for me. When he slapped me it was because of the fact that I didn't heat up the spaghettis. I don't think I can take it anymore. 

Right now I'm waiting for justin to get home from Khalil's house. I hate it when he goes there because khalil always has girls in his house. I picked up my phone and called justin. 

K- Hey jay 

J- What do you want? 

K- I just wanted to see when you are coming home because I don't wanna make dinner and then u don't come home till late. 

J- I'll be home soon. Bye love you 

K- Yea bye. I decided to defrost the chicken and start making the rice. I took out the beans and the rice and put it on the stove. A few minutes later justin came thru the door with angry eyes. 

J- What did I tell you about calling me when I'm hanging out. I ignored him and continued cooking. 

J- Answer me! 

K- Look ! I'm not gonna talk to you unless u lower your goddamn voice. Don't fucking talk to me like I'm a goddamn child. You know what fuck this you cook dinner. I'm out of this why did I trust you. I'm done. I grabbed my phone and my jacket and walked out the house

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