Somebody Else

Justin Bieber and Kimberly Cruz have a past. Justin used to be her boyfriend till he cheated with her best friend. Every day justin calls her and tells her he was drunk and he's sorry. But she can't trust him. She's gone. . She left him. For somebody else. Will they mend their relationship? Will she let her walls down? Read to find out. ( Justin isn't famous )


2. New start

* Friday Morning * 

BEEP BEEP BEEP. My alarm woke me up in the morning. Ughhh I hate school. I have to face justin everyday. I have to stare into those eyes in every class. For 8 eight hours 5 days week. I got up and brushed my teeth. I went into the shower and let the hot water drip down my body. I got out and and got out my clothes. I grabbed a I'm human sweater and black leggings and red vans. I put moose in my hair and scrunched it up so that my curls would fall loose. I grabbed my phone and bookbag and went downstairs, I grabbed a water and walked to the bus stop. I waited for the bus to come and saw justin walking down the street we reign the same sweater same shoes and black jeans. I looked into his eyes and saw tears. I looked away and called my boyfriend Carlos and told him I'll see him at school. Justin looked at me and a tear fell from his eye. 

J- Can I talk to you? Please. 

K- What? 

J- I'm sorry. I really am. I was drunk. And high. I honestly thought it was you. I was saying your name and then when you walked in I was shocked to see you cuz I thought that was you. The. You ran out and got with Carlos even though he raped you before. I'm really sorry Kimberly. If I could take it back I would. I just want you back. I need you back please. I'll do anything. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a hug. He cried into my neck and I kissed his head. J- Do you forgive me. ? Please. I just wanna be your friend. And I'll wait to be more than friends. 

K- I forgive you. Come on let's get on the bus. We walked in the buss and I sat next to justin and laid my head in his shoulder. I guess it's a new start for me. 

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