Somebody Else

Justin Bieber and Kimberly Cruz have a past. Justin used to be her boyfriend till he cheated with her best friend. Every day justin calls her and tells her he was drunk and he's sorry. But she can't trust him. She's gone. . She left him. For somebody else. Will they mend their relationship? Will she let her walls down? Read to find out. ( Justin isn't famous )


8. Mine

I looked at him in complete silence. I was shocked. 

K- Justin I- 

J- No! I can't stand other guys looking at you and flirting with you. We weren't meant to be broken up. We were meant to be together. Nobody makes me feel like you do. I relate to you better than anyone else in the world. please baby, I need you. I need this. You're mine. 

K- I'm yours. Always am always will be, but Justin you hurt me. Really bad. I lay awake all night thinking to myself if forgiving you was all a mistake. Any girl can take you. I'm not ready for that again. 

J- nobody can take me from you. Not even god himself. Baby trust me. 

K- Yes I'll be your girlfriend. He smiled widely and pulled me for a kiss. I kissed back harder and smiled against his lips. 

J- Comeon baby lets to watch a movie. We into the movies and paid. We watched x men. It was lovely. 


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