Somebody Else

Justin Bieber and Kimberly Cruz have a past. Justin used to be her boyfriend till he cheated with her best friend. Every day justin calls her and tells her he was drunk and he's sorry. But she can't trust him. She's gone. . She left him. For somebody else. Will they mend their relationship? Will she let her walls down? Read to find out. ( Justin isn't famous )


9. Locket of us

After the movie we went to the beach. We walked along the sand and just stared at the sun going down. He led me to a table lit with candles and it had to plates of mashed potatoes with steak. 

J- Babe I love you so much. 

K- I love you too Justin. Always and forever. 

J- Forever and always. He pulled out a box from his pocket and handed it to me. 

J- It's a locket. I've had this since our 1 year anniversary but it went down hill from there but it's a picture from our first kiss. 

I looked at the back and it said ' Forever and always<3 my love will never end. I smiled and kissed him. He put the necklace on me and kissed my neck. 

Sry it's short. I'm at a carnival right now so I'm trying my best. Love you 

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