Somebody Else

Justin Bieber and Kimberly Cruz have a past. Justin used to be her boyfriend till he cheated with her best friend. Every day justin calls her and tells her he was drunk and he's sorry. But she can't trust him. She's gone. . She left him. For somebody else. Will they mend their relationship? Will she let her walls down? Read to find out. ( Justin isn't famous )


6. Jealousy

I woke up in justin arms, nice and warm. Every time I moved he tightened his grip on me. I kissed his forehead and got out and went to the bathroom. I put my hair in a bun and brushed my teeth. Today we are hanging out with Harry, Justin's friend. I out on Justin's sweater and black skinny jeans and red Jordan's. I put on mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. I walked out of the bathroom and saw justin with a towel around his waist. 

K- Please put on some clothes there is some in the closet that you left before we broke up..

J- It's not like you haven't seen it before. 

K- Haha lover boy just hurry up. He put on a red plaid shirt and black skinny jeans with white supras. He put on sunglasses and we ate breakfast and headed out the door. We got in his car and pulled up to Harry's house. He walked out and he is extremely cute. He curly brown hair and his blue icy eyes just perfect. He gave justin a hand shake and gave me a kiss on my hand and got in the car. We drove to the movies and justin ordered the tickets. We got popcorn and icys. 

Justins Pov 

We were sitting in the movie theater and my blood was boiling hot. Harry was flirting with my girl. He would often kiss her cheek in the middle of the movie and she would blush like crazy. I rolled my eyes and scoffed at them. I know how Harry is. He takes girls who are gorgeous but don't think they are and makes them feel special, gets them in bed, and drops them. Kim is too blind to see. I couldn't take it anymore. I got up from my seat and pushed past them. 

K- J where are you going. 

J- Doesn't matter keep on flirting with Harry. I looked at Harry and rolled my eyes. I walked out. 

Kimberlys POV 

Justin walked out. I looked at Harry. 

K- I'm gonna go see what was wrong. 

H- or you could just stay with me. 

K- Harry I'm going. I got up but he pulled my wrists. 

H- Stay. 

K- let me the fuck go. I ripped my wrists away and walked out. I walked out side and saw justin sitting out side staring at the ground. 

K- Why'd you walk out on me like that. 

J- You were too busy with Harry. 

K- So that's what this is about. Harry?

J- You know you like him. I saw you cuddling with him and him kissing your cheek. 

K- 1: I don't like Harry. I never will because my heart belongs to someone else. 2: why do you care anyways why are you so jealous? 

J- Because you belong to me! I just stared at him and walked off. 

J- Where are you going? 

K- Home! This is to much for me. 

J- Who does your heart belong too. 

K- You dumbass. I started running off and I heard Justin say what the fuck did I do. 

I ran all the way home and locked my self inside. 



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