Percy Jackson and The Twist (Fanfic + Divergent + other fandoms)

Annabeth Chase is the daughter of Athena and Percy Jackson's girlfriend. Their life was perfect, well, demigod perfect. But then, a prophecy states that they must go to Chicago and find 'The five who divide'. Their lives will change forever, including Annabeth's. Join Annabeth, Percy and other amazing characters on a journey that can transform them forever. PS : I don't own almost all of the characters


3. Chapter 3

*Annabeth's POV*

Everything's set. I packed all the things I need. Clothes, water bottle, nectar, ambrosia, my knife (Chiron gave me a new one since my old one fell and is no where to be found), my invisibility cap, my books, and other things I need.

Emma, I hope she'll be find without me. After the war, she has been very worried. Gaea said that she will have revenge on me and the other 7. Zeth can take care of Emma for me.

I went to Zeth, alone. I told Emma that I would want to talk to my friends alone. He was a good swordsman for a son of Zeus. I thought he could fly but these past months I have never ever seen him fly.

"Hey, Zeth," I said.

He stared at me for a while, like I knew a secret but then he suddenly smiled worriedly, "Hey, Annabeth."

"Is there anything wrong? You looked like you were afraid of something. Mind telling me?" I asked him.

He stabbed a dummy, just like how Luke did it. Then, he faced me with those green eyes. It was strange. It looked blue but sometimes it looked green. "Promise me you won't tell anyone until I tell them," he said like it was a warning.

I was confused, "I promise."

"Swear it in the River Styx that you won't tell anyone until I tell them myself. Especially Emma," he warned.

"I can't do that, I can die!"

"Just do it! Say it that you'll keep it until I tell them!"

"Fine. I swear on the River Styx that I will not tell anyone from Camp Half-Blood until you tell them yourself," I said. Thunder rumbled in the sky.

"Zeus is not my father," he said suddenly.

"Wait, what?" I asked in shock.

"The gods were playing us. They made it think that Zeus was my father. I don't know why."

"Then who is your real dad?" I asked suspiciously.

"My dad's Poseidon," he blurted out. I was in shock. Zeth was Percy's brother.

"You're not playing with me right?" I asked him.

"No, Poseidon visited me an hour ago. Told me that my dad wasn't Zeus. I thought it was some kind of joke but it wasn't. He told me that he was my dad. That's why I could breath underwater. That's why I could talk to horses and underwater animals or creatures. That's why I can't fly," he explained.

That was hard to process. He is still one of the most powerful demigods. At least Zeus only broke the oath 2 times.

"Promise me something," I started, "Promise me that you'll keep Emma safe while I'm gone. The prophecy stated that one will have to choose the path to the future or death. Can you do that?"

He glanced at me and nodded. "I swear it on the River Styx." Thunder rumbled again, and I smiled at him.

*Percy POV*

Sometimes the thunder rumbles and it doesn't. The weird part, it never rains. We said our good-byes, Emma I saw crying in Annabeth's arm. Zeth, his eyes were worried that I might know a secret, but I said good-bye to him anyway. Keith too. He's fine for a son of the freaking bad ass Ares (you like that, Ares????! I just said something nice about you)

Jason and Piper, I'm going to miss them. Even Hazel and Frank. Thalia and Nico, the 2 children from the big three, their like my family too. I'm gonna miss them all.

We hoped into the car and let Argus drove us, while I held back my tears. Annabeth held my hand and whispered to me, "It's going to be fine, Seaweed Brain. We'll make it back."

I nodded to her and glanced back out I the window. To be honest, I don't know if we really are going to be back. I'm just having negative thoughts.

The 3 hour drive wasn't that bad. Annabeth slept and her head on my shoulder. I asked Argus to turn the radio on and then.......

"WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY????" I sang out loud.

Annabeth woke up with a start and hit her head up the ceiling.

"Holy Hera! You scared me to death!" she screamed at me.

"Ring ding ding dig dog ding ding ding ring ding ding ding ding!!!!" I just kept singing. Annabeth couldn't help but laugh.

Here are the list of songs we heard:

1. Gangnam Style

2. I'm Sexy and I know it (This I sang out loud and Annabeth couldn't help but close her ears)

3. Burn

4. Roar

5. Beating Heart (Annabeth was the one singing it although I have never heard the song before)

6. Timber

7. Wake Me Up

And other songs that can make you laugh your heart out.

We finally found an exit that led to Chicago. "I think I want to see Illinois first. I heard it's beautiful there," Annabeth suggested.

"Ok, Argus. First stop, Illinois!" I told him. He nodded to me and drove us there. There was like this big wall I have never seen in my entire life nor have I ever heard of it. "What in Hades is that?" I asked.

We got everything out, thanked Argus and went to see what the big wall was. Probably the big wall of China, holy Hera, we're in China!

"Who made these walls? Are they protecting something?" Annabeth asked in curiosity. Wise Girl's back in reality.

"You might want to ask the guys from the inside," I answered her, teasingly. She scoffed at me.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a gun shot. I quickly ran to Annabeth and scram her name. I checked her to see if she was injured or not. "Hold your guns, peoples!" someone screamed. It was dark, and I couldn't see them.

"We mean no harm!" Annabeth shouted. I felt hands around me and they pushed me forward. I could see Annabeth because the attackers brought flashlights. They were all wearing black. They had guns and were pointing at us.

"Who are you?" one of them asked.

"We're lost!" I explained. Probably mortals.

"Bring them inside!" one of them demanded. I guess this was going to be hard.

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