Percy Jackson and The Twist (Fanfic + Divergent + other fandoms)

Annabeth Chase is the daughter of Athena and Percy Jackson's girlfriend. Their life was perfect, well, demigod perfect. But then, a prophecy states that they must go to Chicago and find 'The five who divide'. Their lives will change forever, including Annabeth's. Join Annabeth, Percy and other amazing characters on a journey that can transform them forever. PS : I don't own almost all of the characters


2. Chapter 2

*Emma's POV*

Seeing my sister have fun was always the best thing ever. Seeing her going on a quest, not the best thing your big sister needs when she still has a demigod future awaiting. Especially when there are only 2 demigods that can go and one of them has to either choose the path to their future or deaths.

When you're a daughter of Athena, your life is full of curiosity. It sucks. At least I can still fight as good as Annabeth. Plus, I'm still 14. I came here 10 months ago so it was almost a year. I only knew Annabeth for 10 months, and it already feels like that I'm already close to her.

I spotted Zeth in the sword fighting arena. If you're wondering who Zeth is, he's a son of Zeus. Yes, even gods break their rules more than 2 times. I came here with him and my other best friend Keith, son of Ares. I was already claimed by my gray eyes and blonde hair. Everyone knew it can only be one goddess, Athena.

My father was a famous rich business man. My surroundings were only of his statues of heroes and angels and big portraits of me and him. Our house was like a mansion. Yeah, I mean, he's a billionaire. They have houses like these. What I was only interested in, when I was younger, was the construction of the house. Every day, my dad would go there to see how they were doing and I would run around and see how they do things.

When you're the daughter of Athena, you gotta love architecture and math. I used to help too. One day, my father told me, "You look just like your mother. She loves building things. One day, you'll be just like her. You remind me of her."

I wanted to meet her someday. There were no pictures of her. My dad said that she was no where to be found.

One day, at school, there was a Kampè attack. I knew what it was because I used to love reading myths about heroes and other unimportant stuff (well now they're important). No one else saw, now I know it's because of the Mist. This new girl, Gabrielle Sapphire, Daughter of Apollo, hurriedly attacked it and turned it into gold dust, which means it went to Tartarus.

She was new and we became friends with her before the attack. But then she disappeared a day after the attack. Our (me, Zeth's and Keith's) parents that it was time for us to go to camp. My dad didn't take it really well.

The time we got to the strawberry field, a girl with blonde curly hair, like mine but mine was straight, came over to us and told us if we were Zeth, Keith and Emma. She took us and explained to us that a satyr name Grover had to pick us up. I knew by then that the Greek stories were real. It would also mean that half-gods were real.

What crept me out the most was that she had stormy gray eyes. I never knew my eyes were gray until I have been claimed by my mother who turned out to be Athena. No wonder I loved architecture and reading so much.

Keith and Zeth hadn't been claimed yet. A guy name Percy came and claimed to be the blonde girl's boyfriend, who turned out to be my sister. She looked a lot like me. Same blonde hair and stormy eyes. Wow, thanks Athena for a beautiful sister.

Keith claimed to be a son of Ares, but I was shock in who Zeth's dad was. Zeus. It could have been Poseidon or Hades, but Zeus? That was out of line. Even when I found out that Zeus had already had 1 Greek demigod and 1 Roman demigod. 3 demigods? Was he out of line?

I never cared. Because I had a huge crush on Zeth. Now, I finally got him. I know we're still 14 but how bout Hazel? She's 13 and she got a 17 year old boyfriend. It wasn't weird that a 13 year old is dating a 17 year old. It's fine by me. Keith, well, if you're guessing he got Gabrielle, you guessed wrong.

We had a quest to find Gabrielle. That was our first quest ever. You might think they're giving you beginner's luck, answer : NO. It was not easy to go on a quest. When Zeth Claire chose me, Emma Rose, and Keith Zorro, I was pretty excited because I thought it was going to be fun.

I thought wrong.

First attack : Gorgon

Second : Hermes moved me in to the bottom of the lake where I was peacefully sleeping with a night gown I freaking hate to wear while Zeth had to save me while killing a sea monster. Hermes gave him the power to breath underwater. Thats what Zeth told me.

Third : Cyclopes

Fourth : Brian, Son of Apollo, who actually turned out to be the bad guy all along but was Zeth preschool friend and also he kidnapped Gabrielle.

Unfortunately, I kind of blacked out at the attack because something hit me from behind. When I awoke, Keith was trying to wake me up while calling me up. I saw Zeth was fighting Brian himself. A satyr tried to stab him from the back, and that's when I started screaming, until Gabrielle saved him by using her body to shield him, but she got stabbed.

Her last words were "Save the world, fight for those you love and be brave."

"Do you have to go?" I asked Annabeth while she was packing.

"I have to, I need to find answers," she answered me.

"Don't we all Athena kids do?" I teased her. But she didn't laugh, "What if you don't come back?"

"You always ask me that. of course I will," she said to me.

"What if this time you won't? There are only 2 demigods and 1 will have to choose the path to their future or death," I said to her, worried.

"I promise you that we both will come back, okay?" she said as she came to give me a hug.

"I'll miss you," I whispered to her. Tears were already forming.

"I'll miss you too," she whispered back.


*Zeth's POV*

How will I tell everyone? They'll all be in shock. Even Percy, Annabeth and Emma. I love her, I don't want to make her hate me. How can I tell anyone that I've been claimed by the wrong parent, that it was all just a trick by the gods and I have just been claimed now? How will I tell everyone that I am really the son of Poseidon?


A/N : Hey readers! So how's my second chapter? This is still the first parts of the story. I'll probably start the adventure in either chapter 3 or chapter 4.

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