This is all a bunch of songs put together in one thing. I'll be putting a video in for each of the songs. On each page will be a music video with the lyrics in it. Thank you, my little tomatoes.


2. Last Friday Night

There's a stranger in my bed.

There's a pounding in my head.

Glitter all over the room.

Pink flamingos in the pool.

I smell like a minibar,

DJ's passed out in the yard.

Barbie's on the barbeque.

There's a hickey or a bruise.

Pictures of last night ended up online.

I'm screwed.

Oh well.

It's a blacked out blur.

But I'm pretty sure it ruled.


Last Friday night.

Yeah, we danced on tabletops.

And we took too many shots.

Think we kissed but I forgot.

Last Friday night.

Yeah we maxed our credit cards.

And got kicked out of the bar.

So we hit the boulevard.

Last Friday night.

We went streaking in the park.

Skinny dipping in the dark.

Then, had a ménage trois.

Last Friday night.

Yeah I think we broke the law.

Always say



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