Hunt of Intrigue (Book 1)

Vampires are nothing but demons. That is all hunters are taught in school. Hunters like Jack Knight are different though. Jack grew up, a girl in a male dominated race. She fought to be the best, and she achieved it. She promised she would never fall in love, because it made you weak.

One night, while out on the hunt, she crosses path with the week long awaited pray, killing the demon. In its last breath it vows that its brother would take vengeance on her. Jack is not worried, she was unbeatable, with no weakness.

When that brother shows up though, a weakness grows. She is intrigued by the handsome vampire, but he doesn't know who she is... or what she has done.

And so begins the Hunt of Intrigue. Will Jack be not so invincible? What will happen to the two main characters, mortal enemies, written in blood? Find out in this, the Hunt of Intrigue.


3. Chapter 2

 "What the hell," El shouted through her sobs.  Kian rubbed the girl's back, allowing her blood-tinged tears to stain his gear.  I stood, staring into space, thinking of this new Will boy.  I have heard that name before... but when.


Ambrogio was still on edge so I patted his head softly, stroking his back and growling softly into his ear.  He eased and climbed into my pocket, whimpering in submission.


"Good boy, Gio.  Take a good rest," I whispered to him, easing his whimpers.  I watched as he closed his eyes and slowed his breathing.  El's sobs now were nearly inaudible now, and I could still feel Will and Nova leaving the area, keeping me on edge.


"Jack," Kian called, snapping me out of my daze.  I turned to him to see El sniffing, eyes tinted red with blood lust.  "She needs to eat and stay safe.  I can't do that, Jack," he said, looking down.  I nodded, knowing he meant I had to stay with them, kill for her blood thirst, protect them.


"I will inform my parents that I am on a mission, we will meet at your apartment and we will plan stuff out.  I need to speak with both of you," I said in a voice so dark that I felt Gio shiver in my pocket.  This was Kian's choice of a girl, and I would respect and protect them.  Now, protecting them meant a twenty-four seven hunter looking into Nova and Will.


"I will see you there," Kian said and grabbed onto El who rushed at high speeds to the place that they called home.  I sighed and whispered quietly to Gio, so that he would wake up.  He did and hopped lightly on my shoulder, looking alert as ever.


Walking home was quiet, I ignored all of my senses telling me about vampires in the area.  I trusted Gio to tell me if I was in danger, so having him growling only softly, reassured me.  When I got home, I immediately tensed, sensing a vampire in the house, along with my brother's cat, Kharis, which he demanded I train like Gio.  I sensed no other being in the house.


Taking out the stake, I searched my surroundings quickly, slipping into the living area.  I looked around, seeing Kharis.  She was sitting silently on the couch, almost in a trance, a vampire induced trance.


"Charm," I called to her, using the meaning of her vampiric name.  She still stood silent, as I watched her, not move.  Gio began to increase his growl and my senses heightened.  The vampire was near.  "Ashton," I called, hoping it was, and indeed it was.  There stood my brother, gear torn, eyes tinted red with blood lust, and new fangs bared.


"I see you have returned home, Jack.  I need your help," Ash spat through his fangs.  I looked at Kharis and whistled sharply to her, causing her trance to break and she became the protective animal I trained her as.


"What can I do, Ash?  How did this happen," I whispered, hiding the stake.  I would hate to stake him, he was my younger brother, but I would do it.


"I need you to either stake me, or train me... just like El."  I gasped, not only at the choices, but at the fact he knew of El.  He growled, his eyes brightening into solid red.  "Choose soon, hunter.  My thirst is growing and I do not choose to drink from you."

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