Hunt of Intrigue (Book 1)

Vampires are nothing but demons. That is all hunters are taught in school. Hunters like Jack Knight are different though. Jack grew up, a girl in a male dominated race. She fought to be the best, and she achieved it. She promised she would never fall in love, because it made you weak.

One night, while out on the hunt, she crosses path with the week long awaited pray, killing the demon. In its last breath it vows that its brother would take vengeance on her. Jack is not worried, she was unbeatable, with no weakness.

When that brother shows up though, a weakness grows. She is intrigued by the handsome vampire, but he doesn't know who she is... or what she has done.

And so begins the Hunt of Intrigue. Will Jack be not so invincible? What will happen to the two main characters, mortal enemies, written in blood? Find out in this, the Hunt of Intrigue.


2. Chapter 1

“So, we were wondering if you would consider that arranged marriage now, honey,” my mother asked.  I groaned at the thought of marrying, not some random dude, but my best friend.  In the world of a hunter, you married a partner with a pedigree, not one who fit you.  My best friend, Kian Ryann already found a girl he loved.  She was a vampire, of course, but I would never tell.  She seemed better than any demon I had met, refused to drink from humans, and who was I to get in the way of true love?

                “Mother, I told you I would not respect your decision.  I want to meet a boy, one who I like and wish to reproduce with if that is what you want me to do,” I mumbled.  I heard my mother blow out air, probably miffed at my own choice.

                “Jaqueline, do not disrespect us!  We are your parents and until you marry and move out, you are still a child under council law,” my father stated coolly.  Males of the family in our kind were not attentive fathers, or husbands for that matter because they did not choose their wives.  Often we had unfaithful spouses, but you always found a higher family to marry your kid into.  Why were we this messed up?

                “Yes, your father is right.  Now, go get ready!  You are going hunting with Kian tonight.  I have put out your nicest gear and loaded your subjects onto your hand-held,” my mother said, dismissing me from the training room.  I sighed in frustration, heading to the floor I shared only with my pet ferrate, Ambrogio, or in English, Immortal.  He was the perfect companion on missions and at home.  His midnight colored coat was perfect for blending.  I named him after a famed hunter, one of the first in my family.

                As I reached my room, I sensed something.  It was not alien, but not human either.  Going into a defensive position and grabbing at the stake in the thigh sheath I always kept on, I readied myself to pounce.  Creaking the door open, I was immediately tackled to the ground with such supernatural speed that it was nearly impossible.

                “Jack!”  God, why does she have to make me so alert before I even need to be?  Can’t she hang around with Kian before?

                “Eloquence, what do you want?  It is not even the time for the hunt, Kian would have my head if I harmed you,” I chuckled, pushing my friend’s vampire lover off.  Her name fit the way she spoke and it was so unique.  I wish I had a name like that.

                “Well, if Kian was so attentive, he would know I ran out of his room without telling him,” Eloquence boasted and my eyes widened.  Kian was super overprotective.  If she disappeared without his knowledge, he would come here to see if I killed her.  And if I didn’t he would make me use my training to track her.

                “You…” I started, only to have Ambrogio rush to me in a panic, showing that someone had entered with intentions to harm.  Kian was here.

                “Jaqueline Sage Knight, where the hell is my girlfriend,” I heard him bellow as footsteps charged to my location.  I was quickly pulled against El, as she put her lips to my ear.

                “Play along,” she whispered and teased her fangs along my, now exposed shoulder.  Kian rushed over, stopping short when he saw our position.  I did a short signal to Ambrogio to tell him to stay calm.  He continued his light and unsure growls as he relaxed slightly, still on alert.

                “Jack,” Kian whispered as I winced at the fangs running along my neck.  I let out a whimper, real enough to let El know to let up and convince Kian of what was going on.  “What are you doing El?  You… you said you didn’t thirst for human blood,” he paused.  “Why?”

                “I got so thirsty, Key.  So thirsty,” she whispered, making me shiver at her cool breath on my shoulder.  She pricked the skin, drawing a drop of blood and sniffing it.  I winced, but knew she wouldn’t drink or inject any venom.

                “El, don’t do this.  Let Jack go,” he pleaded, eyes trained on me as he was taught.  You should always watch to make sure your allies are safe before your enemies can be taken down.  “Take me instead.”  I gasped at his words, the exact words I had said when we first met El.  She had acted out of fear then, threatening to kill him.

                El looked at me, withdrawing her fangs and smirking at me, letting me slip to the ground and we both started laughing hysterically.  We did it, my-oh so serious best friend was fooled!  His face was priceless too!  Oh my god!

                “What,” he added as his smart remark.  I regained composure, standing up and acting as my usual, vampire hunter self.  I stared into Kian’s confused eyes as El came to my side, still giggling.

                “It was a joke,” I deadpanned.  Kian’s face still held this blank look, showing just how dull he really was.  “God, just let me get ready for the hunt, okay,” I groaned and headed into my room, locking it.

                “You know, El sure is a strange vampire,” Kian said as we sat on the branch of an oak tree, waiting for a demon to come by with a meal.

                “Yeah, wanting nothing to do with their feeding habits and wanting to watch us kill her own kind.  What is wrong with that vamp,” I questioned, laying down across the branch, placing my head on his lap.  I closed my eyes, trying to sense anything.  Ambrogio squirmed in my pocket, peeking out and purring as I rubbed his head.

                “Do you think your parents will find out about her,” he asked.  I shook my head.  The only way they could is if she physically was seen, or Ambrogio sought her out for them.  Kian sighed again and relaxed against the trunk of the tree, playing with my hair.  All was simply calm as we sat in the tree.

                Ambrogio suddenly tensed, my senses alerting me to more than one demon in the area.  I could feel three.  My body tensed, alerting Kian as well, who knew to trust me like I was himself.  Ambrogio began to growl softly in his high-pitched tone.

                “Three,” I said simply.  I could feel him shift, not opening my eyes.  Kian was not the strongest hunter, but he came from good blood.  “About one minute until they arrive.”  I didn’t have to wait for them to come to us, because a voice, all too familiar to the both of us was heard.

                “Jack,” Eloquence shouted out in distress.  I shot up, opening my eyes as Kian jumped down, ready for a fight.  I followed his actions, running ahead in the direction of her voice.  Kian ran as fast as he could to assist, but stopped at the sight in front of us.  “Jack,” El cried again.

                There were two male demons, one holding her in a vice grip, the other with fangs bared at her neck.  They obviously did not want to be recognized, as they wore black hooded sweatshirts and were careful to stay hidden.

                “What do you want with her,” Kian growled, lunging slightly.  I held him back, Ambrogio hissing at him in warning.  The figure that held El chuckled menacingly, but he sounded nervous.

                “We want to carry out vampire law, kill any vamp who has had intimacy with a hunter,” the figure stated, his voice shaking with nerves.  I smirked, seeing weakness.  I stepped forward, allowing Ambrogio out onto my shoulder as I went.

                “Why would you do that,” I questioned sweetly.  The figure in the offensive position did not move from her neck as I stepped forward.  He was dead set.

                “I,” he started as I took out a blow dart.  He froze as I brought the launcher to my lips, smirking at him.  He let his grip waver on El and she quickly ran to the right, away from the bared fangs and behind me, to her boyfriend.

                “Nova,” growled the second figure, lifting his face enough for me to catch a face.  We both stopped, staring into each other’s eyes.  His glowed an intriguing silver, laced with hints of blue.  His skin the same shade as my own from the lack of sun, only because they chose to hunt in darkness.  I noticed his fangs, tipped in red blood, yet he still looked so innocent.

                I switched my gaze to Kian, who held El to his chest as she sobbed, allowing her red tinged tears stain his shoulder.  I sensed movement, heading towards me fast and felt Ambrogio launch off of my shoulder, hissing.  Turning swiftly back, I saw that Ambrogio had launched at Nova, who now looked horrified.  I could now see his face, much like El’s face.  The other still stood frozen, his hood slipping from his sandy blond hair in a modern quiff style.

                “Will, get the monster off,” Nova cried.  Will, the other figure snapped out of his daze and attempted to attack Ambrogio, but I whistled sharply and my ferrate returned to me in an instant.  I bowed slightly with a mocking smirk.  “Jaqueline Knight, famed hunter.”

                “In the flesh,” I said, with a condescending tone.  I tilted my head at him as Will once again looked shocked.

                “Why would my sister associate with you?  She could be killed.  I knew she wasn’t bright enough to survive,” he hisses as El turned around.  I knew he looked like El, but why would he attempt to kill her if he was her brother?

                “Kian, you need to leave.  Take El with you,” I said.  Kian grunted and stayed still.  I repeated my command, but got the same response.

                “Is he going to watch me kill you,” Nova asked, mocking me with a head tilt.  I growled at him, but was joined with another growl.

                “Nova, leave it.  We did not come to quarrel with hunters.  I see no threat if we leave now.  We came on a mission.  I got news it was a local hunter, very good at hiding their tracks too.  I must return to the job at hand,” Will said, and before I could move, the two were wisked away.  I could still feel them nearby, though.   



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